White House Easter Eggroll

Hi Lovelies!

After a month of trying to get ready for finals, I have time to post! I still have finals… starting Friday but no class until then! Yay me! Anyways, I went to the White House Easter Eggroll earlier this month and it was amazing. Of course, I’m twenty which means I’m typically too old for the Easter Eggroll and whatnot but I enjoyed the other activities and just being in Washington D.C. In case you didn’t know, Washington D.C. has been a place I wanted to go for the longest. It’s such a beautiful city and I was literally screaming in excitement once I found out I won tickets. On the first day, my mom, two younger sisters, and I explored D.C. and the lovely monuments. I am obsessed with the monuments, people find history boring but I love it. I enjoyed each monument and everything around the city. The city life of D.C. is just so great compared to New York. The second day, we just chilled out in the hotel room and went to the movies since it rained and it wouldn’t make much sense to go to Arlington (although I was all for it!) and then came Monday, the day of the Easter Eggroll. It’s seriously the best experience, I encourage everyone to enter the lottery because seeing the faces of so many happy children is so nice; the fact that there was no other worries in the world besides finding Easter eggs and enjoying family time, it was so nice. The performers were Coco Jones, Austin Mahone, and The Wanted. I fawned over The Wanted while my little sister fawned over Austin Mahone and meeting Coco Jones. It seriously was so nice, I loved it and I want to go back. I hope one day that I can!


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