Where’s your next brunch date?

Columbus, Ohio is poppin. There’s no denying it. You can’t
deny the growth or the fact that it’s ranked as one of the top cities for
opportunities. There are so many opportunities here and I can vouch for that.
Where else would I be without coming into my own within the Digital Marketing
sphere? I’ve been given tons of opportunities to stretch myself and I am happy
about it. You want to know what I’m talking about today? Food. Oh my, oh my, I
love food. Columbus is one of those cities that you go to and have to step
outside of the McDonald’s, Subway, Pizza Hut spectrum and give the local
restaurants a chance. Honestly, I think that about any place that you might
visit. Try something new, step outside the box. Give your taste buds a kick of
something different.

What place am I going to brag about today? Glad you asked… Union Café.

When people ask me where I want to go for brunch that isn’t
Bob Evans or a legit chain restaurant, this is my pick. Why? One word: buffet. I’ve
met a plethora of people that don’t do buffets and if you’re one of these
people, just let me convince you that this buffet is a banger. Not only do I go
for the buffet, I also go for the mimosas that are out of this world and the
setting is just so nice, modern and serene.  

As a local of Columbus, I will vouch for this place and push
and push to tell people that they should try it out. I can tell you that the
buffet features cheese eggs, chocolate chip pancakes, bacon, fruit, biscuits
& gravy, sausage links and a few more things that I can’t remember. Not
only that but they have a waffle bar so if you like waffles there’s a whole bar
dedicated to decorating your waffles the way you want. Just remember that you
can’t get alcohol until 11 am. This is the perfect spot to bring friends that are
out of town.

The location of Union Café isn’t a bad place to be either.
In the heart of downtown, you can literally start your morning or afternoon off
with breakfast/brunch and finish it up with a trip up and down High Street
exploring the stores and all that they have to offer to you. Homage is your one
stop across the street—make sure to stop in if you’re a fan of Ohio sports
teams. Sure the location is great but you also get the choice of sitting inside
or outside and both choices are good choices unless it’s raining. 

I promise that I wouldn’t lead you in the wrong direction for brunch. I’ve been places and I appreciate the places that do brunch buffets. This is just one of the many places that I cherish. I would become a foodie for Union Cafe if there was an option. If you haven’t been and you live in Columbus, make sure that this is something you get to and get to it really soon! If you don’t live in Columbus and you plan to visit, make sure that Union is on your list of places to go. 


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