What’s In My Hair Drawer?

Denman Classic Medium 7 Row Styling Brush D3DevaCurl Kit For All CurlkindGoody Hair Cutting Shears, 6.5-in.Nature’s Way Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil, 32-OunceCHI Original Flat Iron Hair Straightener Ceramic Hairstyling Iron, Plates Size: 1 Inch, Black

If you were on the bumpy hair ride I had back in May, you’ll know where this is going. For a quick recap, I went to get my hair, which is dark brown, lighten to a lighter brown — I was thinking a brown like Zendaya. Something light for the summer because now that I work 9 to 5 and there’s no pool at my condo complex, I’m not really making it a purpose of tanning. I might have been a little dramatic back then but you have to remember that my curls have not been like that in almost ten years. I went through a relaxer stage and that was the last time they were not curls. Nonetheless, ONE side of my hair went limp — no curls, no volume, high porosity, and me on the verge of tears whenever I saw them. There’s heartbreak knowing you trusted someone and they did this to you, charged you and didn’t fix it. Sob story over — I’ve been working with my hair and that means no heat… although my hair was straightened for the first time in a month and a half yesterday. 

Everyday Essentials: Coconut Oil, Denman Brush, Comb, Hair Ties, Spray Bottle

Great Investments: DevaCurl Mini Set (No-Poo, Conditioner, Styling Gel, Leave-In Conditioner), Shea Moisture Leave-In, ION Heat Protection, Chi Hair Straightener, Blowdryer, Hair Shears

Patience and acceptance are the first two keys. I knew that my curls were never going to come back to the ruined strains. The chemical process really messed them up. It’s whatever now, I know better. The only thing I could and can do is focus on the hair that still curls. I won’t deny getting a little shear happy and trimming the strands that don’t curl, slowly — I don’t want uneven hair when it’s straight. I have to be patient because while my hair does grow fast, I can inhibit it by heat and just doing too much with it which is why I took a step back and made Wash N Go’s a habit. The first two months when wearing my hair down, I resorted to wearing it half up to hide the ruined strands in the upper half. Sometimes it was annoying to part the curls and sometimes I just wanted to throw it in a bun but I was adamant on keeping heat out of my life. Now, I can literally Wash N Go — I just throw on a headband before I’m on my way. 

How did I keep heat out of my life? It was hard to go from having straight hair every week — in college, I never cared but in the professional world, I felt like people stared at my hair. I was motivated by bringing back healthy hair, though. I used to straighten my hair six times a year before 2014. I was dedicated to my natural curls back then and I can be dedicated again. This time around, though I know what products to use on my hair. That’s why I’m divulging what’s in my hair drawer(s) and basket to show you how I’m keeping my word. Heat is only an option for an important event but one day soon, I’ll be able to have the confidence to go to an event with my curls. 

There’s a whole lotta stuff in my hair drawer and hair basket. I have a lot of hair which means I need a lot of different products ranging from naturally curly hair products to products to straighten my hair. Since I’m currently on a heat cleanse and only letting professionals straighten my hair, most of the products pictured are for my natural curly state. I’m here to share what I’m doing with my hair and what I’m putting into my hair. If you have any tips for natural curly hair, please share your tips.

What do you put in your hair? Any good suggestions for dry shampoo?


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