What’s In My Bag?

Time to get down and dirty. I’m a clean person, I truly am. I’m organized with everything until it comes to my car and my purse. My car magically gets dirty, I clean it all the time and it just ends up dirty. Now, my purse — you have to remember ya girl is a working woman and after five o’clock, I’m trying to keep up with my puppy and workout. There’s no edit about this… I’m not tossing anything out of the way because my purse is my purse and it represents the real me. Sounds so speech-like, huh? Actually, I wish this was edited with little arrows pointing to certain things and comments that’ll point out my basic-ness. One thing to know about me is I like to switch my purse up A LOT. I think it’s a seasonal thing — I hop into the new season with a new purse and I blame my mother for this habit. She’s a purse woman, as well. 

My Fall purse is an Anne Klein that I got from TJ Maxx. TJ Maxx is the purse plug and if you don’t believe me, I’m sure that someone else will back me up on this or you can go find out for yourself. It’s my go-to for everything so yeah, I got this pretty baby at TJ Maxx and I love it. It does what I need and I don’t put more than what I need in it now so that is nice. It’s a neutral beige color which I like because it’ll go with everything and my Fall wardrobe is neutral and natural colors. 

Essentials: Jessica Simpson Wallet, Keys, Work ID Badge, Business Cards, Planner

Accessories: Notebook, Gym bang, Chapstick, Pens, Toiletterie bag—feminine products, hair ties, headband, aspirin, allergy medicine

Gadgets: Nikon Camera, iPhone 6, iPhone Charger, Headphones, Portable Charging bank

Other aka trash: Spilled aspirin, old receipts, candy wrappers, Graeter’s gift card


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