LIFESTYLE | What Now? Post-Grad Life

It’s still crazy that I’m wrapping my head around not being enrolled in school anymore. The day has finally come where they have removed me from college. My parents’ dreams have come true – and my worst nightmare has started. Responsibilities really kick in now. This is crazy to even imagine. What do I do now? How do I make adult friends when I’m not in school anymore? Where do I live since I don’t have to be close to campus anymore? These are just a few of the millions of questions that flood my mind. The only thing that has kept me sane is my career and answering all my younger sister(who just graduated high school with 95% of college paid for!!!) and her friends’ questions about college especially for the girls that are going to attend to Ohio State. It’s crazy to see these girls going off to college but it’s put things into perspective for me. My time is over. What’s Next?

Alumni Association

Get involved with this organization. That’s my number one priority because I want to stay involved with The Ohio State University. I want to always keep my connections and I want to make connections with other Alumni. I think it’s awesome that schools have a way of keeping in touch and I’m going to be in Columbus for some time so I will take the advantage of frolicking campus. OSU can’t get rid of me that easily and there’s no way I’m missing out on networking with the amazing people that left this place. I’ve seen greats receive a degree from here and I hope to join them. 

Career Focus

My number one focus is to take off in the right direction and succeed in all that I do. My job right now is giving me the starting steps of taking over my passion and putting it into my work. I need to work more on blogging and staying focused and involved. Networking is a big key that I have to insert into my life. I think my own fear is that everyone will be way older than me which is something I should get over because who cares? They have experience they can teach me duh. 

Getting Organized

I’m already pretty organized but I get off track at times. I forget to use my  planner or I ignore what I write. I’m currently organizing my life with downsizing on the things I have and investing in things that I will keep for a really long time. My planner is something I’m going to invest in as crazy as it sounds, I feel like if it’s pretty that I will feel inclined to write in it.

Making Friends

This is the hard part. I don’t know how to make friends outside of college. It’s a completely different atmosphere when it comes to meeting people outside of group work and classes- these are legit adults that I need to be making friends with now. I have to step outside of my boundaries and reach out to people. It doesn’t sound hard but I feel like it will be. People are inclusive these days, myself included. I’m going to have to step out of my bubble.

I think the adjustment is something I’m catching on to quickly. It’s crazy not to think about the idea that my friends aren’t going to be met in college or that I don’t have to have another class in the Journalism building. I guess I’m pretty nostalgic about it all. Until next time, enjoy your Friday and the weekend!


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