Weekend Recap

How cute are these Buckeye pumpkins my mom made? I swear she’s so creative and has so much more time to do this stuff now that she started her new job. I’m in love with mine. She was literally running around and trying to find pumpkins for this project and she succeeded. Just in case anyone’s confused, Buckeyes are my school’s mascot. Definitely not a threatening mascot, I know ( they are poisonous though!! ) but nonetheless, Brutus is a cutie. 

I went home this weekend, only on Friday and Sunday. It was my dad’s birthday so we went out for a small dinner which we’re probably doing again when my brother gets home from school and can participate. The picture below is myself and my youngest sister. We were bored and stuck waiting on the parentals. So, we went to Cracker Barrel which is probably the yummiest place ever. We talked and had fun, I gave my dad his gift which was a Duck Dynasty shirt. My family is obsessed with that shirt and I always seem to find Duck Dynasty shirts for my dad. I tried to get him to wear it to work but he works for the government so that might not fly. After that, I went back to my place and just chilled out. 

Saturday was our last home game and it was really heartbreaking because I don’t want any of the seniors to leave. I favor this team more than any other team, probably because I got tickets this season and I’m emotionally attached now. It was so cold on Saturday, we had to leave during half-time. We are going to The Big Ten Championship and I have tickets!!! I’m literally so excited, no one understands. It’s like going to a bowl game and I’ve only been to one bowl game (UCF vs. Mississippi State, my dad is a UCF alumni). I can not wait and the atmosphere will be so crazy and wild. 

Sunday was a chill day. I just lounged around with my Netflix and laptop and did some notes for finals. I’m a week away from my first and definitely bracing myself. I also went home for a few hours and hung out with my family. It was nice, we just chilled which is all they ever do. Weekends are my parents’ breaks and they do the most to enjoy them and relax while the kids drive them insane. Other than that, it was a really relaxing weekend, one that won’t match this weekend. It’s Beat Michigan week! And guess who has to work during the game? This chick, unfortunately. 


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