Three Amazing Face Masks For Bad Skin Days

Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Deep Pore Cleansing, 1 Pound
Aria Starr Beauty Dead Sea Mud Mask For Face, Acne, Oily Skin & Blackheads
SheaMoisture African Black Soap Problem Skin Facial Mask, 4 Ounce

Bad skin can break you, it really can — I’m not saying it can lead you to lose out on things but I am saying that it can affect your mood or how you perceive yourself. It can affect your self-esteem if it’s at that level and it makes you worry that it’s something people are going to notice. People don’t notice unless you point it out yourself. I can admit that acne affected my self-esteem and made me feel all types of ways. I endured Accutane and many antibiotics because I wanted it gone right away rather than work at controlling it. Now, I can say that I have researched and found out what I can do best for myself while sharing it with hopes that it helps someone else out.

I will say that when you achieve the level of getting rid of your break-outs, you will still have to find a way to love yourself. Acne does not make you and you shouldn’t let it break you. Don’t let it get you down because there are so many things to be happy about. Just think about those things before putting yourself down because you have a nodule on your cheek and it’s noticeable. No one is looking or paying attention, guaranteed.

Adult acne is real and I can say that because I have it — it doesn’t end when puberty is over because hormones like to get to the best of some of us. I will say that I used to get upset over it but over the last year, I’ve really chilled out on it and tried to combat it. I know it’s not frequent and as bad as when I was younger so that’s something to look forward to as I try to keep my skin clear. Accutane does not always work — I had clear skin for about a year and a half before breaking out again and I won’t go back on it because side effects of it just were not for me. Let me invest my money in other directions and not be pricked by a needle every month.

Today, I want to focus on the masks that I use. One day, I’ll flash my zit-free but dark spotted face. I’m not afraid to go out of the house without makeup because I always remember it could be worse. Maybe I’ll document the dark spot journey because I do have a retinol prescription to get to the bottom of those annoyances. Back to the main topic, my affordable face masks which I use once or twice a week depending on the condition of my skin.

Aria Starr Dead Sea Mud Mask
This mask is easy to use and my face is left feeling soft and really clean. It might be my favorite, I can sit around with on for 20 minutes and not itch or feel the need to remove it. It doesn’t have a bad smell either or something that would irritate you as you wear it. It’s a soft and creamy texture that will harden. The one thing I will say is that you have to have a good clean-up job after you take it off. It will sit in the sink if you don’t wipe the area up. It’s definitely worth the $14 I paid. I would recommend this as something to start the week off, get the week started off to a great start on Sunday evening with this mask.

Indian Healing Clay
Out of all the masks, I would say this is the one that digs deep. you can feel your face tighten as you rock this mask and people have reported feeling pulsating when they have it on. With this mask, you actually have to put it together. You’ve received this container of powder that you can mix with water, apple cider vinegar, or apple cider vinegar + water. I will say with this mask that you pay attention to the time that it is on your face because I’ve been left with a bright red face for keeping it on for too long. I like the results from this mask, though it pulls the dirt up even if I do get a zit or two from the dirt that is being extracted. It’s a cheap and good investment. Plus, you can use it in your hair! This would be a mask I would suggest ending the week with on Thursday or Friday.

African Black Soap Problem Skin Face Mask
This is a simple mask that I would say can be used earlier in the week because it’s not harsh and can be used as a spot treatment rather than a mask covering your entire face. It doesn’t harden — at least, it wasn’t for me. Tea Tree Oil is part of the mixture which is really helpful when it comes to zits. I wouldn’t use this for cystic acne but blackheads and whiteheads, I’m a believer that this will diminish redness and help clear up those annoying spots.

Product junkie, yes I am. It’s probably what has contributed to break-outs at a time due to drying out my skin or overworking it with the product. I suggest doing a mask once or twice a week and not back-to-back because I’ve been there and done that. I can talk about dry patches or redness or skin peeling because I’ve done that to my skin. If you can, invest in a professional facial because they will do the exfoliation and extraction which can hurt but usually is worth it. My skin has been my friend and I’ve been it’s enemy at times, I can admit that. Now, I’ve settled on products that I know won’t drive it crazy or irritate the heck out of it.

I do have masks from the Mario Badescu line that are more on the $$ side that I’ve talked about in the past. I am interested in investing in other masks from Sephora that might leave me with better results. I do understand that a mask is not the only thing that will help me — a daily skin routine, healthy eating, etc. will help me out in the long run and you, too.

What are your favorite masks? Any that you would recommend?


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