COLLEGE | The Time Has Come

Everyone, the time has come! Graduation is in seven days and I am so ready. I take my last final tomorrow so I haven’t been done like the rest of the seniors which I would say sucks but it doesn’t. I can’t believe it’s time. I can’t believe I’m about to graduate honestly. I never thought this day would come and not because I slack off or anything like that but because I might not be ready. I mean I am ready but I’m not. I’m not ready to leave Ohio State and become an alumna. I want to stay in college which I’m sure everyone says but I do.

College is freedom and expression is viewed as an okay thing. You can express yourself so much in college and not have to worry about others. The discounted football tickets! I go to The Ohio State University so you can imagine how much tickets are especially after this past year and becoming the National Champs. I’m going to miss all the activities and people. The beautiful campus almost brought me to tears. I know I’m not ready to let go but I have to. I think being an actual adult worries me.

I’m decorating my graduation cap tonight and studying for my last final – taking in all that I’m going to miss. I’m blessed to receive my BA next Sunday and I’m blessed to have had a supportive family and friends by my side throughout it all. I am employed with a job after college – doing something that I love and want experience in. It’s the first step to taking on a career in Public Relations. I’m possibly going to do freelance with PR and graphic design to get more experience. I’m excited. This is what I’ve been waiting to do and that’s the one thing pushing me forward and out of my slump of graduating. Senior Crawl is Tuesday and I’m sure we all know what that is 😉 I can’t wait but I’m cherishing it all.


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