The October List

Welcome October! Why do I love this month? The colors of the leaves change and cover my car which I never wipe off because I’m lazy. There’s the fact that there is tons of Halloween candy that I can overindulge in because it’s alright for one night or maybe week. All the pumpkin spice and fall candles, I love them all. I could put use to those babies all year. If I had a stoop, you can bet a pumpkin would be on that stoop with a cricked grin. I never do Fall things and now, I need and want to. Welcome to my Fall/October Bucket List – we’re nine days in and that gives me twenty-two days to succeed.

Apple Picking. This is possibly the cutest thing I’ve ever seen and even if I have to go alone, I’m going. Maybe Kelsea will go though.

Pumpkin Carving.  I have not carved a pumpkin in three years!! Insane, I know. I’m going to get a pumpkin and I’m going to carve or paint it. No one can stop me.

Fall colors. I’m going to be basic and adhere to a Fall nail color and lipstick. I have great MAC colors but I think I want to try on the new Nyx Suede Lipsticks and practice my pout.

Scary Movie Marathon. The one positive of Netflix is that they bring on the seasonal movies. I’m going to watch some classic scary movies… during the day and enjoy some popcorn and Halloween candy.

Buy some booties. I’m obsessed with booties and I have none. I have a gray pair but they aren’t heels and I want those heeled booties in black and taupe. Some fringe heels would be nice too.

Enjoy the outdoors. I’m always in the gym, work, or my apartment and avoiding fresh air, that’s something I need more of in my life. 

Leaves. Take pretty pictures of the leaves and VSCO them all the way out. I love scenery and I hope to get capture greatness. 

These are just a few things that I want to divulge into. I hope to snuggle up with a good book and go to a bonfire. I’m going to live a life I love and also focus on my goals. It’s time to focus on me and my dreams. For now, I want to live a basic life some would say. I just want to enjoy life and everything it has to offer. Let the Fall list commence!


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