The Entitled Millennial

As millennials, we’re a booming demographic. We are the focal point of many
companies as they put together their products. We’re bashed for being entitled
and narcissistic, that we need a reality check. Basically, the older generation
isn’t a fan of our generation and that’s fine because I know the feeling is
mutual for some. I read an article that called us the “Coached Generation” – we
have grown up with coaching from our parents and involvement in activities that
would award us trophies or ribbons. We’ve got a team of people rooting for us
and pushing us to be great so we feel like we have to be great and that we’re
destined for greatness. I can attest to this and not have a problem with it –
my parents are my coaches and cheerleaders, they root for me when I do anything
and I take that as a blessing. They push when I want to give up, #thankful.

generation is technology driven, visual learners and socially responsible.  We’re educated. Technology drives almost
everything – our interests are peaked and float around throughout social media
outlets. Snapchat is the basis of keeping our friends updated with our lives. Technology
is there to keep us to connected to so many people and it’s easier to get
pulled in by our screen compared to the baby boomers. Visually, we like to see
what we’re learning about and we like to have an idea of what’s going on in
order to get it. Hey, we want to do more than just to read a book and be told
what to do, we want to experience it. Not only are we visual learns, we’re also
socially responsible and aware of what is going on. The one thing we talk about
at my job is the fact that millennials like sustainability and supporting

had lunch with someone awhile back and he didn’t express much liking for
millennials due to this impression that is floating about in the media and
maybe from a handful of people that he had met. We’re lazy. We feel like we
deserve anything we try our hand at. I listened to a story about how a college
graduate felt he deserved a job just because he thought he did – I can see the
disdain with this move. On the other hand, you have a millennial like myself
that goes into interviews weary because of experience. I want to be like this
other guy though, the guy that exudes confidence and believes in himself. I
don’t feel I’m entitled to a position that I have no experience in. As I sat
there and listened, I thought of a rebuttal. I understand people are going to
have perceptions about millennials but are we all the same? No. Everyone is
raised differently.

one really takes us serious. And why not? Majority of millennials are in and
out of college by now, we’re almost all adults. It’s time to be treated like
some sort of equal, ya know?

my advice to my millennial counterparts:

Engage in conversation

act like you’re too good to associate with those that are around you. Take in
all that you can from any and everyone. When someone talks to you, talk back. I’ve
learned in the work world that when you engage with an older peer that they
will speak when they see you. Brush off the rude stereotype that our generation
holds, prove your older peers wrong. Put away your cell phone and give your
undivided attention.

Leave a good impression

You can easily leave someone with a good impression
just by being nice and talking to him or her. To get respect, you show respect –
it’s as simple as that. Know what’s going on in the world so you can have
things to talk about. 

Don’t be intimidated

You are where you are because you earned it. Don’t let anyone intimidate you or push you out of your position. It can get to a point where you feel like you don’t belong because of your age but don’t let that get to you. Be confident and sparkle!

Have a good attitude

No matter what, always have a positive outlook. It can get hard at times but your positivity can affect another person and let them look at the bright side of things. People think we’re lazy and negative but we aren’t, here’s another step to proving the baby boomers wrong. Be the encouragement a person needs and the one that let’s them see the see behind the clouds on a cloudy day. 

I’m no expert but I’m on my way to proving the baby boomers wrong. I don’t feel like I have to but I want to. At the end of the day, I know I’m where I belong and I’m grateful. As millennials, we bring passion and drive – we’re educated and savvy with all that we do. It’s time to take a stand because we’re obviously here to stay *hair flipz*



  1. April 13, 2016 / 3:48 am

    This was interesting to read but I feel as though you forgot to mention one key thing. This happens with EVERY generation of young people. The older generation "doesn't get" them and it will always happen. Also, you should understand that the term millennial refers to anyone currently between the ages of 18 and 34. Having said this, there are plenty of millennials that people don't bat an eyelash at because they are older and thus not seen as millennials when that's what they are.

    S .x

    • April 13, 2016 / 5:57 pm

      You're right. It does happen to every generation. I spoke on an experience I had along with what I saw with the Time Magazine "Me Me Me" article along with several other publications. There were things I read that I didn't agree on so I wanted to talk about it. Totally understand Millennials are in the age range of 1980-1995, I made sure to do my research. Thank you for your opinion, totally get where you're coming from and I understand what you're saying. Glad you read what I had to say and gave your feedback!

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