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It’s been a minute since I’ve done one of these. Maybe life got a little hectic. It’s not an excuse, it truly did get hectic.

The last time I wrote one of these, I was trying to do a lot and not prioritize time for each plan. And my boyfriend had finally come home from his boys vacation and training. So yeah, I spent my time with him. April through June was just a little bit busy because of a shift at work. A good shift but it was still a shift that required more of my attention and only time dedicated to writing evergreen content.

The number of blog posts I’ve been publishing has dwindled down a bit — I really have been busy. I traveled a few times in June and I moved back into my parents’ place for a month. I totally skipped May which was the month I spent looking to buy a condo.

Your girl is going to be a homeowner (condo owner)!

Let’s talk about what’s been going on in the Life of B.


I read a book! Yes, I finally found time to read and of course, it was on a plane ride to Mexico. I still had time to read and go buy some books because I really just want to escape every now and then. I read Sarah Dessen’s Once and For All. I’m a sucker for Sarah Dessen novels. The Truth About Forever was probably my favorite. There are just so many quotes that really uplift and hit your heart in these books. If you need a book to read and you aren’t too good for young adult fiction, check these books out. Sara Shepard, Pretty Little Liars author, wrote The Heiresses which is a mystery novel like Pretty Little Liars and I really liked it but there hasn’t been a book two and I want a book two. I read it in 2014 and it’s still on my mind like what happened? I need to tweet her and see if she’ll write the next book for me or something. Really good book if you’re looking for good summer reading material.


It never fails that I break out during the summer months. I blame the heat and sweat. It’s never a good mix but I bought the Mario Badescu Drying Lotion and will be using that to see where to go from there. I went to Mexico two weeks ago and got a tan so my foundation doesn’t really match but it does at the same time. Weird, right? I’ve been bronzing it up so definitely look into that if you know your tan is going to fade and you are only going to be tan for a few months. I wish I was tan all year around so we’ll see what the spray tan looks like on me because I want a tan look. I really haven’t tried any new products since I’ve found a regimen that works for my skin and keeps the acne at bay. I did buy a new Retin-A and it seems to be working really well. I have a hyperpigmentation post in the works — a before and after so keep an eye out!


Like I stated earlier, I bought a condo!! This is a big deal because I was doubtful about it at first. Like, what if I moved in the next year or so? It’s definitely a process that I’m going to write about. It was the best decision for me because I have a Pit mix and breed restrictions leave me with limitations when it comes to renting. And my mortgage is less than rent! The HOA adds up to being the amount of a studio or one bedroom so I’m definitely saving in the long run and I own. Would I suggest other people do it? Yes, if you’re serious about it. There is a process and I’m still in the process — I won’t close until August 4th but I still managed to get through this process and say I did it. It’s pretty exciting. That’s my blessing. My other blessing was having an easy trip to Mexico. I loved it, another post in the works.


Growing out of old relationships. It’s not really a blooper but it’s definitely been a process. The art of letting go has been said over and over in my head. I’ve done a lot of letting go so that I could grow up. People might question it and wonder why. I won’t get too much into it but I’ve definitely realized the blooper in all of this. You live and you learn. You realize what you deserve in the end. You count your blessings and move on from the blooper.


Furniture shopping is in the works! IKEA just opened a month ago in Columbus and I finally went. It makes me so much more excited to move into my place and decorate. I have a list of things I need to buy — a washer/dryer set and sectional couch are at the top of the list. This girl is still salty she missed HHGregg’s closing sale because everything was 50%-90% off. I would have copped a deal. Oh well, there is a set out there that is waiting on me. I’m just excited for my own place that is actually my own and to not have to worry about moving out after a year. I’m so excited!

If you have suggestions for finding a reasonable farmhouse table and the wooden shelves, leave the places! I’m in full decor mode and need all the suggestions.

What’s going on in your life? How has summer been treating you?

Oh yeah, I met Gucci Mane.


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