Take a Chill Pill

Hey doubt, hate you. Taking on a Social Media Coordinator job is a dream. Who wouldn’t want to work in social media and help a brand take over the social sphere? Who wouldn’t want to see a brand take off and engage people? It’s a dream job. It’s a learning experience. I’m continuously learning and I love it. I think the biggest flaw that I’ve picked up on in the last three months is doubt. There’s the social following I’m involved with is different across platforms but it’s still big to me. I think it’s a blessing for one. Praise hands. I’m happy and healthy with great people in my life and great people that I work with. I’ve always doubted myself though and I’m realizing it now. One would think that I’m at a level where confidence should just ooze but it doesn’t. I doubt myself constantly – I doubt myself in my relationships, content, decisions, and so much more. I get nervous when someone texts me back and it’s short and one-sided. It’s like I have all these dreams and I want to be perfect. 

Perfection. Doubt. They’re both impeding on my mind at all times…

It’s a lesson I need to learn that being perfect is not wanted in life. I’m creating a mountain of doubts that I have to climb and it’s harboring on my life. I just have to be bomb at everything I do – I don’t want to be bomb because I know I can be bomb, it just has to flow. Let myself shine through rather than trying to fit a mold. The fear that comes with copy means it works and it’s good, I know that and I’ve been told that. I get this constant fear every time I put together a graphic on my own and have to post it. The nerves pop up and hold me back for like ten minutes before I press post. Why? Because I love what I created but what if everyone hates it? I think that holds me back from so much wit and spark that I do have. The end results always surprise me, something my coworker will text me or email me about and she’s excited to point on the results of how well something did. The reassurance pops up then. Like I did that! 

Why does doubt still hover?

I think it always will and it’s not a bad thing. The nerves and doubt make me double check everything and make sure it is up to par with the look the brand is going for. Everyone doubts theirselves and it’s normal. Could you imagine a world with doubt? We probably would do every single thing that we’ve second guessed ourselves on and take all the risks in the world. Would that be a good thing though? I don’t know, I don’t think it would. We have to have some doubt and fear, something to hold us back for that moment before pushing us to a point. Doubt and nerves hold me back to think about it for a moment and I gain a little reassurance before finding the confidence to share. 

What’s the solution? What’s my solution?

My advice, just chill. Why chill? Well, life could be so much worse and usually are problems aren’t as big as we think they are. We can doubt ourselves all we want but let’s not beat ourselves up. Everyone’s pretty bomb in my opinion and they just have to recognize that they have to divulge into something to keep their confidence floating. I use research as my support system. I literally look into everything that other brands do and try to figure out what works and doesn’t work for them. Of course, that doesn’t mean it’s going to work for my company but it sprouts ideas in my head and gives me something to start my building blocks. We need to find something that backs up our thought process when it comes to projects – we need to face the fact that there’s a 50/50 chance something will either work or it won’t. 

Someone hold me to this, please. I’m going to make a reminder and print it out but it is always nice when someone holds you to something. At the end of the day, doubt is just there to try to ruin everything and it can only work if we let it. I’m not letting doubt take me down. Happy Friday! Enjoy the weekend!!


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