Sweater Weather

Sweaters and hoodies are my favorite staples in my closet. I’m either wearing a sweater, cardigan, or hoodie with some jeans, leggings, or sweats. Why? Well, the tops are all comfy and I’m all about comfort. I hate being cold, just thought I should throw that out there. Hate it. I blast the A/C for a quick minute when I’m hot before turning it off. I just love to be warm and snuggled up in my bed. Part of me belongs in a warm, winterless state but then I wouldn’t have autumn and I love autumn.

Now, working at a job that is all about business casual, I take advantage of all the moments that I can wear a nice pair of jeans and professional but cute top. Trendy is what I’m going for. Even if my feet hurt at the end of the day, I’m looking chic and professional. These jeans are another pair of Fashion Nova jeans which I have fallen in love with. They’re high-waisted jeans and one of three pairs of high waisted jeans that make my butt look good. They’re a light wash and long which I like because I can crop them if needed which I might. I’m picky about jeans because I do have a booty and I don’t want it looking saggy so Fashion Nova comes in handy. 

This Army green sweater is one of my favorites right now — I wear it whenever I get the chance and you can see why below. I feel like this color would work on anyone and it’s a staple fall color. The back design is being invaded by my white camisole unfortunately so it’s not living up to its full capability. Thank you, Forever 21 for this top because it’s one of my favorites. The heels are a suede material and the neutral color goes with everything. These shoes are pretty comfy and perfect to wear to work. UrbanOG is my place to get shoes and these were mentioned in a previous post — not sure if I named UrbanOG as the place I bought them from but that’s where I got the shoes from. 

Overall, this is outfit is one of my favorites. I enjoy being comfy and casual while feeling like I’m dressed up. This is the perfect fit to wear out for a lunch date or work. The sweater can be paired with anything and I intend to pair it with everything going into the future. 


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