Summer Stripes

Stripes will always be the move.

I love me a good striped piece. Throwing on this outfit has me a bit sad that summer is winding down and fall clothes need to be unpacked from their boxes. Don’t get me wrong, I love fall and I feel like it’s one of the best seasons for fashion but I like wearing shorts and not having to worry about jeans squeezing my thighs.

Now, this striped top actually comes with matching pants but mine just happened to shrink in the dryer and look like high-waters unfortunately. But, I got one use out of it and it was in Mexico.

This outfit is something I wore to brunch with Kelsea.

What I love about this top is that it’s versatile. It actually was advertised as a crop topped that is tied by a string that they provided. The sleeves and also be tied in the back, and now, you have a strapless top. It’s flowy but doesn’t swallow you, which is another plus.

Want to take a guess on where I got this top…? Amazon. Yep, I ordered an outfit on Amazon and it fits perfectly. I have learned with Amazon to read the reviews and view the sizing guides. You can find some great dupes from boutiques on Amazon, don’t sleep on them. I’ve ordered tons from Amazon, including swimsuits.

My jeans are from Fashion Nova — the perfect place for people that want jeans with a little stretch. I’m a huge Fashion Nova fan and I regularly order from them. These jeans paired well with this top and they’re high waisted which I love!

Thanks to Gabby for the booties, not sure where my sister got them but I borrowed them for this outfit.

And, after a good brunch with my best friend, I stopped to snap some pictures. I love this outfit because it’s casual but fun. I’m a colorful person and obsessed with this top so it’s something I’m going to continue to wear until I’m forced to wear a coat.

What is your favorite striped clothing item? Are you a stripes or dots person?


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  1. Michelle
    August 10, 2017 / 1:24 am

    Love the blog. I also really like the outfits you out together…super cute 😻

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