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In case you didn’t know, I’m obsessed with Pitaya. Absolutely obsessed. This is my place to shop and splurge. I honestly feel so young adult in these clothes as crazy as that sounds. It offers more selection than Express to me. I know if I go to Pitaya, no one else is going to have what I have because they carry only a few sizes in each item. It’s actually nice. I have so much form this place. I honestly went out and bought the Kimono pictured above after I made this. 

Now my style is always all over the place. I like to look chic and sophisticated. I want my age to spew out in some ways. I look so young, I’ve been asked if I was sixteen and I’m twenty-three so it’s nice to wear age appropriate clothes and not be questioned by my elders. I am someone who is usually happy with whatever she wears and it’s easy to put together an outfit for me. I just know what works and doesn’t work these days. These are all appropriate for living life and going to work, trust me. I would wear each of these selected outfits to work except the romper. The jeans would be perfect for jean day at my job.  

I won’t lie, Pitaya’s prices are pretty mid $30 or $40 and budget challenging if you are in school and have bills and different responsibilities. I walked out after my first trip because I just wasn’t working enough and I had other responsibilities – my clutch went out in my car so there was one paycheck. Pitaya works on seasonal style which I love because everything is trendy and different when you walk in each week.


I hate jean shorts but that’s just me. I feel constricted in them half the time so I definitely look for the loose-fitting pairs that are made out of other materials. Now, Pitaya never lets me down. I never feel like I’m locked in or stuck in tight pants because I hate that. I wear jean shorts but that’s if I have nothing else. The shorts pictured above fit perfectly and are high waisted. I have a thing for shorts like this where I can tuck in my shirts and have a fitted and curvy look. Plus my thighs are never squashed in shorts like these.


These are casual and chic. They’re simple and elegant. Anything can be worn with these really. I wear mine over dresses that might need to be dressed down or with a t-shirt and shorts. I love these with jeans when it’s not hot of course. I bought the one above that is floral and another and I love both. I absolutely want to wear them all the time and it was money well invested.

Maxi Dresses/Skirts

I LOVE maxi dresses. I absolutely love them because they can be casual or dressy. They’re perfect for getting errands done and to slip on wedges and wear out. I feel like one can dress up or down these dresses. The one pictured would be perfect for a wedding, I wish I was going to one so I could wear this dress and the blue is just so radiant. The skirt pictured above is also perfect. They didn’t have it in my size but I will get it because I love it.


My relationship with these are love and hate. I love that it’s basically an easy to go to outfit but I hate the bathroom process and I hate that it’s hard to choose a size. I’m a small in everything but rompers because of my lovely back side. It’s fitted perfectly on my bottom half but the upper half has no support. I love how they look on me though and how simple or dressy they can be. I really love a good romper.


There’s not much to say about jeans. They work with everything if you have the right cut and color. I’m a fan of this pair because of the holes and color. I know they will also look good on me because of the quality of Pitaya jeans. I’m definitely investing – they’re like a American Apparel jean but not as expensive, thankfully.


In the summer, I feel like loose and cotton is the perfect way to go. I’m a sweat-er and I wish I wasn’t. It’s whatever though because I love tanks. These tanks are all perfect because with jeans or a skirt, they work. They can be sophisticated, edgy, or casual. I just love each of these tops and they weren’t in when I stopped by but best believe I’ll be back.

That’s all I have for now! Enjoy lovelies.


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