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Live fearlessly, passionately and unapologetically. That’s a daily reminder that I need. There’s only one life and you have to do what you love to enjoy it. Never let anyone deter you from what you want to do. There’s tons of things I put off because I never could find someone to do these things with me or my friends wouldn’t want to do. I don’t deserve to do that to myself so my summer is going to be spent doing these things that I thought were such a hectic thing to plan but they really aren’t. Then there’s the friends that would try to change my mind on my ideas or things that I wanted to do – no more of that. I have to enjoy life. I have to make the most of it. 

Groupon Classes

I’m serious about investing in the groups that have a BYOB or Wine painting class. I think those are more of an adult atmosphere and I love painting and being creative. I know there’s an agenda to these classes and what they paint which is fine, I’m all for becoming more in tune with my skill. People think I’m joking but I am truly interested in those classes. I think it’s a great idea to do this summer and to try it out with a friend or by myself or with my mom.

Exploring The Short North

If you’re from Columbus, Ohio then you more than likely have heard of The Short North. It’s basically local restaurants and stores in the downtown area of the city. It’s cute and amazing. I’m obsessed with it, not going to lie. I want to explore it either by myself or with friends. It’s a great Saturday afternoon activity, that is for sure. There’s wine tasting and candle making classes. It’s so chic to me – I think that’s a fitting word. The stores are more local and it’s nice to support locally rather than these big brand names. I’m definitely going to divulge into the Short North this summer and go to Gallery Hop or something of the sort. 


I haven’t volunteered much since high school, maybe once in my college career so it’s definitely something I want to get back into. I think it’s so easy to build relationships and help people that need the help – I definitely want to work with children, I have such a soft spot for them. I definitely would look into school reading programs and maybe camps or Cosi sponsored events. Plus it doesn’t hurt to give back, it never hurts. It’s actually really nice to connect with people and make them smile. I like doing that, I love making people laugh.

Spend Time With Old Friends

Now that I’m done with school, I can finally hang out with everyone that I hung out with during the summer and before senior year got hectic. I can plan trips to New York and Pittsburgh to see my two close friends that I see once a year and it’s never enough. All I have is text with them and I think I need to travel. Live life a little. I have so many opportunities that I need to take advantage of. 

Enjoy Life

That’s the main take from it all. I just need ot enjoy myself and life. Whatever I do, shouldn’t be stressful or make me hate that activity. Everything has to be fun and an adventure. I need to want to do it again and not care if no one else wants to do it with me.


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