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Christmas songs seem to just keep getting stuck in my head — right now, it’s Aly & AJ’s Most Wonderful Time of Year which is a bomb song. Literally, go listen to it. Spotify is your best friend through the holidays, trust me. I’m not participating in blogmas this year just because of work and other obligations but that doesn’t mean I won’t have Christmas themed posts. I’m actually finding time to load up on content planning and putting things together so loads of content for this month that will hopefully start January off on a good note.

How obsessed with Christmas are you? There’s no need to be modest about it because it’s a great holiday. Celebrating the birth of Jesus, the season of giving, and people just appear to be in better moods, I can’t complain about this season. I can only give it great praise and smile because I’m blessed with some lovely characters in my life. Today, we’re talking movies and I’m obsessed with movies. I watch Netflix every night and binge on the weekends because I can. I find that it plus my Amazon FireStick offer me so much and I love it.

The movies I’m sharing today are classics, in my opinion. Honestly, this list could have gone on forever but I’m the type of person that will have achy fingers and give up on a long list. I’m zoning in on six movies, movies that I don’t get tired of because they either make me laugh or smile. Here’s a little from me and some lessons to pull from these movies because movies always have some point. 

The Santa Clause

Tim Allen as Santa Claus is one of my favorite things ever. It doesn’t help that there are three films either because I love the series. It’s hilarious because Tim Allen is a pretty hilarious dude and everyone deserves to laugh. This movie falls into faith and believing. There’s a good part in the movie where Tim Allen’s character is told “seeing isn’t believing, believing is seeing” aka you don’t need to see something to believe it but when you believe in something, it will show up. When you truly believe in something, it’s there. It’s a movie that helps a father restore his son’s faith in him and rebuilds the relationship. It’s Disney, it’s cute.

How The Grinch Stole Christmas(2001)

The Grinch was a grumpy person and he found compassion. We can all be mad and angry about things but we always find a way to have a heart. For me, I would snuggle up and watch this movie with Rocko and I would take away that we should be nice and accept people as they are — accept their traditions and beliefs, don’t complain about. Be happy, it’s the holiday season. The people of Whoville didn’t celebrate Christmas for the gifts, they knew the importance was being surrounded by the people we love. The Grinch had to learn that lesson, he had to let go of his grudges and realize that’s why his heart was small — Celebrate the people in your life, not the gifts. 


Elf is probably one of the best movies. Will Ferrell is really good at making people laugh and he doesn’t disappoint in this film. You can’t go wrong with having a Buddy in your life, that’s what I’m taking from this. We all need that person that is excited about something and about to burst with happiness because of it. Not only that but Buddy found the good in all situations, he was never willing to give up when the going got tough. Spread cheer if you are that person. It goes a long way if you make someone’s day, trust me. Or maybe I’m easily impressed but either way, take the chance and smile. There’s so much to be happy and mad about, choose happiness. 


If you don’t like Frozen, I feel bad for ya. It’s a Disney classic and a story that doesn’t focus on Prince Charming. Anna and Elsa are completely different people that live together. Anna is gullible and naive, Elsa is scared and keeps to herself. They’re learning. My heart burst to see a sister tale because there aren’t a lot. I can’t even name a princess beside Ariel that has siblings. Frozen is great all year around but it’s a movie about snow and you need to bring winter in with this movie. 

The Best Man Holiday

Classic. It really came out like two or three years ago but the original is a classic in my eyes. I took away forgiveness with this film and coming together with your people. No matter how terrible something may seem or someone might do, it’s best to find it in your heart to forgive them. Holding grudges does you no good and it really can affect you in the long run. Forgive and forget or don’t forget but definitely, forgive. This movie is happy and sad, focusing on friendship, relationships, and family. Definitely a classic. 

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

My favorite. I really haven’t thought about a really good and inspiring lesson from this film but if you want to laugh and feel good, watch this movie. I will say the one thing I can take away is that if you have worked hard and you feel like you earned something that is not being given, speak up — whether it’s recognition or a raise, do yourself a service and use your voice. Also, check the tree for squirrels!

Some people have other choices so tell me your choices! We can bond over suggestions and I won’t mind because I like when people give me new things to watch — I appreciate your insight.

What’s your favorite Christmas movie?


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  1. January 20, 2017 / 2:26 am

    Watching Frozen always makes me feel so cozy! I feel bad for anyone who doesn't like it also. I mean, I don't even celebrate Christmas and I LOVE watching Christmas movies!

    Alisha |

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