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It’s the most wonderful time of the year mixed with the sick season. Cold season is right around the corner, and that means we all should be stocking up to keep ourselves healthy. As I’m hosting people in and out of my home due to a newborn and the holidays, I want to make sure that all around me are healthy as can be. It’s that time of year where things are festive, and things need to be disinfected.

As a first-time mom, I’m doing all that I can to make sure that my family stays healthy this holiday season. Holiday celebrations just aren’t fun when your nose is stuffed, and you’re running a fever. If you can avoid it, that’s probably best for everyone you’re going to be in contact with. Don’t go anywhere if you have the sniffles or cold — don’t put other people at risk because it’s not cool nor appreciated (especially over here in Brittnee’s world!).

Sore throats, coughs, runny noses, congestion, etc. are going to run rampant. It’s time to jumpstart to solutions to keep everyone healthy and happy. Colds will happen, but we can all find ways to avoid them and to keep our germs to ourselves during the holiday season.

The gift of warmth is my way to tackle this holiday season. From blankets to hot liquids to soothing relief, there are many solutions to beat the sick season.

Wash your hands

Your number one way to avoid germs is by washing your hands. This is something that you should be doing more of when it’s the winter season. I understand that the cold air is drying, but you are going to want to wash your hands to make sure you stay healthy. During the sick season, you have to be prepared for the sickness floating around.

Things can get hard if you aren’t around a sink 24/7 — invest in hand sanitizer. Hand sanitizer is great for when you are on the go. I keep hand sanitizer on each floor of my home — especially now that I have a newborn that people are gushing over and want to hold. Germs are a no-no in this house, and I plan to keep it that way. With the holiday season, you can spice things up with some scented soap. Let your guest enjoy clean hands that smell like a holiday delight.


Break out the basket of cold, cough, and flu essentials

It doesn’t hurt to have the essentials ready, just in case you or someone around you catch something. Again, it is best to be prepared rather than sick with nothing around. There is nothing better than soothing relief and being able to spend time with your family and guests, symptom-free. For my basket, Kroger is a destination for all of my flu needs. You can find all of these products at Kroger which means you can load up for everything while grocery shopping.

Stay ahead of the cold and flu by stocking up on the right products and creating a basket that is designated for them.

Invest in the Clorox® Fresh Disinfectant Wipes 35 CT for all of your cold, flu, and cough needs. Why? These wipes will help you clean and disinfect your home. With the Clorox® Disinfecting Wipes, you can wipe away 99.9% of the most common allergens*. I use these wipes all year long as I’m a person that wants to disinfect everything including hard non-porous surfaces. While hosting guests, these wipes will come in handy to wipe down surfaces and rid the germs that are being brought inside.

Also, you can find Abreva® Pump Cold Sore and Fever Blister Treatment in the basket. Abreva is not for temporary symptom relief, but healing. It delivers the best results when used at the first sign of a cold sore. A cold sore is no fun and can hurt a lot. Thankfully, you can treat it with Abreva.


Conquer your cough

Coughs are awful. The jolts they send through your body as you wheeze and try to catch your breath are the worst. It’s one of the worst parts of the cold season. I hate coughing. It makes the most wonderful time of the year, a dreadful time of the year. Some things just don’t cut it when you have a cough. You have to turn to something that will help you out. In fact, you should stock up on some Robitussin®.

In my household, Children’s Robitussin® Honey Cough & Chest Congestion DM, and Robitussin® Maximum Strength Honey Cough & Chest Congestion DM, for adults are staples for cough medicine. Did you know that with Robitussin Honey for adults you can fight your cough and help kick your symptoms to the curb? The liquid-strength of Robitussin Honey for adults soothes on contact and provides cough relief for hours. Ultimately, these are kept on hand for any event of a cough popping up.

Many of our friends that visit have children, so I’ve prepared myself with Children’s Robitussin Honey. You can never be too prepared. This product is for use in children four years and up.

You can get $1.25 off of Robitussin with this coupon through 1/4/19.

For your flu symptoms

Not going to lie, I’m one of the lucky ones that have avoided getting the flu. But, I know many people that have suffered from it. The flu is no joke, and you want to be prepared for it. It can leave you in bed for quite a few days, and you’re going to feel awful from what I’ve heard. Basically, the flu is no good, and you don’t want it.

Besides staying in bed, you’re going to need help to combat some of the flu symptoms. My choice of remedy is Theraflu Power Pods Daytime Severe Cold. You can have powerful relief without a prescription. With the aide of Theraflu Power Pods Daytime Severe Cold, you can treat the symptoms of your flu and cold.

Remember, Theraflu Power Pods Daytime Severe Cold and Robitussin® Maximum Strength Honey Cough & Chest Congestion DM should not be used at the same time.

As a person who enjoys a hot liquid, these Theraflu Power Pods Daytime Severe Cold are easy to use and not a hassle. You just pair them with your single-serve coffee machine, and you can expect a cup of hot Theraflu Power Pods Daytime Severe Cold in less than a minute. You can’t go wrong with these pods especially if you’re about simple and easy usage.

Beginning on 12/9/18 through 1/26/19 you can get $1 Off Any Theraflu Product.

Beginning on 12/9/18 through 1/26/19 you can get $2 off PowerPods, 12ct Powders, 40ct Caplets, and Syrups Twinpack.

Cold Remedy

There is nothing worse than the congestion that you can get during a cold. Having a stuffy nose is no fun, and you truly suffer because you can’t breathe. That’s the last thing that anyone wants to deal with. Especially when there are plans or holiday parties to hop around to. Breathe Right® can help you in that department.

What does it do? Breathe Right® helps increase airflow so you can breathe better. And when you can breathe better, you can sleep better. There is nothing better than a good night’s sleep, and you can get that with Breathe Right. They’re easy to apply and open your nose up to 38% more than decongestant sprays alone.

I can’t be the only one that tries to find any solution for my cold and congestion. These strips are great when it comes to breathing again — especially at night when I want to get some sleep. Overnight guests can find these strips and enjoy the benefits.

Stay hydrated and well rested

As someone that enjoys holiday parties, I know that I must treat my body well to enjoy the festivities. In order to stay healthy, one must make sure that they are treating themselves right. Make sure that you hydrate especially if you are party hopping and enjoying all the holiday shenanigans. Rest is important, as well. You want to make sure that you are getting enough sleep and water as these will help your body power through the season.

Keep away from sick people

As any person knows, you should stay away from people that have any type of illness. You never know who is contagious and who is not. People who are sick should respect other people and those surroundings by not bringing their germs into the area, but you never know. Always keep your hand sanitizer and tissue close so that you will have it within your reach. If you are the person that is sick, please consider others and stay home to get better.

Keep the warmth inside and sickness outside.

As the holiday season approaches, it doesn’t hurt to get prepared. By having medicine already available, you cut out having to go to the store while sick. Load up now on your soothing reliefs at Kroger so you can enjoy the holidays when they finally get here.

Remember the flu and colds happen. Again, that’s okay. They’re not fun at all. We want to do all that we can to avoid them.

To make sure your guests know they are welcome to utilize the medicine, include a cute note or sign. It’s not hard to make anyone feel welcome. If you find yourself needing an idea on sick essentials, the basket is a great idea. Everything is within reach and allows you and your guests easy access.

How are you preparing for the cold season? What are some hacks that you have to share?

Theraflu-(c) 2018 the GSK group of companies or its licensor.  Theraflu is for use in adults 12 years and older. Use all products only as directed. Read the label and follow directions.

Abreva, Breathe Right, Robitussin – Use only as directed. Read the label and follow directions.

99% – *Use Clorox products as directed for removal of non-living allergens like pet dander, dust mite matter and pest matter on hard, nonporous surfaces in your home. Keep out of reach of children.


Theraflu - ©2018 the GSK group of companies or its licensor. Read and follow label directions. Theraflu is for use in adults 12 years and older. Use products only as directed. Abreva, Breathe Right, Robitussin - Use only as directed. Read label and follow directions. *Use Clorox products as directed for removal of non-living allergens like pet dander, dust mite matter and pest matter on hard, nonporous surfaces in your home. Keep out of reach of children.


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