Seven New Year, Improved Me Goals

I can’t say New Year, New Me because I like myself the way I am, to be honest. Is that narcissistic or cocky? I hope not. I’m not saying I’m perfect because I’m far from it but I refuse to change myself just because the year is brand new. I want to say I’m improving — I’m always improving. People change, we change all the time and it’s not a bad thing. We’re growing into the person we’re destined to become and I think that’s what it is. I’m not changing, I’m just improving and doing it well. 

Also, I do not want to say I’m going to (insert resolution) and then fail followed by being reminded about it. No, thank you.

I am improving, though. I have goals and I think that’s an important thing. I have goals that I want to achieve, more so I have things that I want to do. I want to progress, not regress. I’m not perfect and I’ll never claim that. I honestly wish I was because then there would be no wrong in my world but is that truly fun?

This year, I want to step outside of my box and enjoy more things. I’m definitely making a list since I’m turning twenty-five aka almost thirty. Goals are a good thing, they give me something to do and something to look forward to. I’m excited to complete them and do my thing. Happy 2017!

Pay Attention

This is big. I listen, I listen a lot but I feel like there’s more to it. I need to listen with my ears and my eyes. I need to pick up on the tone and pay attention to that person rather than multi-task. Obviously, I’m not good at picking up on body language but I want to be able to pay attention to people. I want to notice the little things, not to point them out but to appreciate them. It’s one of my goals to pay attention more to people and to details. No multi-tasking and distracting myself. Putting down my phone and giving my people all the attention they need. 

Try something new once a month

This might be a goal of many but I truly want to try something new every month. Whether it’s teaching myself to knit or listening to a podcast, I want to do something that I don’t usually do. I don’t want to bore myself and have the same routine every single day. I want to insert something brand new into my life and I want to try to do it each month. Right now, I’m looking at painting classes because it’s fun, right? Especially BYOB classes. 

Pay it Forward

Service has become a big thing for me. I realize my privilege and how good I have it so why not pay it forward? I donate to many things but I want to get involved and have a hands on experience. Not to brag about it or tell people that I heard this amazing story but I want to help people. I feel like I’m supposed to help people. 

Read More

I say this all the time but I want to read more. I love reading, I’m obsessed with it but I’ve been slacking. I started Big Magic and before that book, I wrapped up Saint Anything. I really need to get it together and give Netflix a break. I just need to get lost in a book every once in awhile and appreciate the story in front of me. 

Check myself before I wreck myself

I’m feisty. I’m sassy and it’s not a bad thing but it’s not always a good thing. I used to be quick to offend because of a toxic relationship and not standing up for myself so I thought I was standing up for myself by retaliating as soon as someone said something I did like — not a good idea. I’ve realized over the past year that I need to bite my tongue and have patience. I need to think before I speak and that’s a goal. I’m doing pretty well, so far.

Address my constant worrying

I’m a person that worries all the time and it’s not okay. I know it’s a part of anxiety and just overthinking but I need to work on it. I talk a lot about working on it but I really haven’t and now I’m holding myself accountable. My planner has a mantra and weekly goals, that will be utilized. Not only that but I’m going to get to the source of my worry — is it the person or a scenario I think might happen but truly won’t? Time to get my head in the right place. 

Have fun

Obviously, this is a given. I’m going to be twenty-five this year… old, I’m going to be old so I’m trying to have a much fun as I can. I want to travel a lot. I need to get my passport that my mom gave me papers to so that’s something that needs to happen like this month. Having fun is definitely the goal.

I’m going to hold myself accountable for all of these things. I should probably print and frame this list so I know that I have things to do and people to see. I’m going to accomplish these goals and I can’t wait to talk about them at the end of the year and just recap on this year when it all winds down.

What are your goals or resolutions for the year? What’s your plan?


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