September Beauty Pick-Ups

Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24H FoundationAnastasia Beverly Hills Glow KitNYX Pressed PowderNYX Concealer

The first time I invested in my make-up, I remember a MAC artist telling me about how every paycheck she would buy one product while helping me make my decision between two lipstick shades. That stuck with me because makeup is hella expensive. Foundation can really hit a hole in your budget when you think about that $30-50 sticker. Lipstick varies by brands followed by all the other enhancers like highlighters and blushes that one can’t say no to because they’re pretty fab. Nonetheless, I see my make-up as an investment because I utilize it every single day and I want to put great things on my face. This month, I hit up Sephora + Ulta and let’s just say it was a good trip. 

After dealing with hormonal acne for the last few months — I started breaking out again this summer and after stress at my old job — I decided to invest in a good foundation. I was a frequent user of the NARS Luminous Foundation but once I ran out, I didn’t reinvest because I felt like it made my combination skin oily. I decided to stick to the Maybelline FIT brand for a few months but after mixing different foundations, I was over it. It didn’t help that the matches that I would find in the store would either be too light or too orange on my skin tone. That’s where Sephora comes in because Sephora always gets me right. Luckily, Skylar at Sephora was there to save me again. Previously, she had matched me with NARS when I first bought it so I knew she could lead me in the right direction and she did. 

Ta-da! The Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24H Foundation is legit. No oily face. No peeling foundation. I look natural and I don’t ever feel like anything is on my face. Trust and believe that statement because I’ve gone through a round of foundations that would make my face feel heavy. I really like the fact that it doesn’t irritate my skin as well because I’ve dealt with foundations that clog my pores and just ruin my face. This product will more than likely be an investment that I keep on investing in. I think I like it because I just have to use two pumps and I have full coverage if you have hyperpigmentation, you know the struggle to find something that’ll cover up the scars and I find that this works for me. I was advised to use a primer beforehand but I haven’t — I’m sure the results would be even better if I did so I might just start throwing that into my routine. Any good primer suggestions?

Next, the Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit also known as the number one thing I wanted to buy this year. I’m an ABH fan, I have been since investing in the dip brow and I will never go back. ABH doesn’t disappoint — I have the powder contour kit as well and I love it. Back to the main focus though — this Glow Kit is amazing. I have help from my girl Skylar and she made sure I got the correct palette for my skin tone. I have That Glow which contains Bubbly, Dripping in Gold, Sunburst, and Golden Bronze. I’ve used all the colors provided to me and I love them. I literally gleam and people notice my sparkle. I use Golden Bronze for an eyeshadow just because it’s a little bit darker than my skin tone. I love Bubbly, that might be my favorite shade. As I invest in my highlighters, I’m going to see if my preference changes but for now — ABH Glow Kit is my favorite.

Let’s talk about NYX and their products. I’m a fan of NYX and got my start with their lip liners and lipsticks. I never dive right in with certain products and this was a brand that I felt out the lip products before going for a powder and concealer. I have sensitive skin, I’m afraid to put things on my face because I don’t want to wake up to monster zits. I don’t regret these products, though. I use the concealer every morning as part of my under eye regimen. It helps me look more awake and it’s just a little bit lighter than my foundation. The powder helps ward away any oily days, I can confirm that. I do like it — I don’t feel like my face is packed on with make-up like I have with other powders. I honestly haven’t used a powder (besides the ABH contour powders) since early 2015 so this was taking a deep dive and it turned out great. I would definitely recommend and it goes for a great price. 

I wish I had great lighting and could record a video of my process with these four products because they are a vital part of my everyday routine. I will say when I get better natural lightening and my iMAC is fixed up, I’ll try to make a short video if I’m still doing the same makeup routine. Keep an eye out for a everday routine, I’m going to try to do that but until then enjoy these great products!

What are some of your favorite ABH/NYX products?

Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24H FoundationAnastasia Beverly Hills Glow KitNYX Pressed PowderNYX Concealer

disclaimer: these are my opinions and I am not being sponsored or paid by a company to write this post or share my opinions. 


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