Senior Year & Accepting I Have to Grow Up

It’s like a dream that I’ve always wanted yet wouldn’t come until now. I’m finally taking my victory lap and I will be a graduate, this time next year. Do I have any regrets? I wish I had enjoyed and been more active at my university. There’s so much to do and be done at this university and I wish I had started here from the get-go. Being a transfer student isn’t fun when you commute the first two years and don’t live on campus. I should have lived on campus and just took all the perks and debt, as crazy as that sounds. I think I would have loved college much much more! I will say living on campus last year definitely brought me out of my shell and had to be my favorite year. 

I met so many people and I did so much. That’s my goal again this year plus networking! I want to leave Ohio yet at the same time, I don’t. There’s people I want to get to know better and there’s things I want to do in my city before I embark somewhere else and have to learn about that place. It’s my senior year and I honestly don’t know the next step. That’s okay though. No one knows what to expect, really. It’s all in the Lord’s hands and I’m thankful to have him guide me in the right path. I just know that I have to buckle down and get ready to embark on this adult life adventure that is waiting for me.


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