Road Trip: Purdue

Road tripping to Purdue seemed like that something

my future self will be proud of me for.

Well, this week is basically over and I have yet to share my lovely trip. So this past weekend, Sam, Kelsea, and I road on up to Indiana for the Purdue verses Ohio State game. Initially, Sam & I wanted to go to the Michigan game but $300 for a ticket is insane and our Purdue tickets were like $20. Anyways, I had never met Kelsea before but I had heard TONS from Sam so I was excited to meet her and she was wonderful. I enjoyed her company and she definitely kept the atmosphere chill. So, we went up to Purdue and stayed with our friend, Terrance. Terrance is Sam’s best friend and goes to church with both girls so it was like a win-win because we saved money on a hotel and had someone around us that knew the campus.

I enjoyed the weekend so much. I’m a laid back and chill person so I’m not very expressive about how I’m feeling but it was one of the best weekends I’ve had in college. The game was great because we won and killed them! It was a brutal lost for them but Big Urb is just relentless. I would have felt bad but we’re 21-0, I can’t help but be proud. So many people doubt Ohio State and we’re just constantly proving them wrong. It’s really nice. We had great seats for $20, front row seats and the only downside was the people walking in front of us because there was a lower level. I got to experience the “frat” boy life and that was pretty wild for me. I’m really chill so I don’t put myself out there all like that but Terrance made sure we had an enjoyable time. Of course, boys lives are way more dramatic than people think. I swear I have it easy compared to what went on this entire weekend. It was a hilarious and emotional weekend but I had a great time. I didn’t want to leave, I love Purdue. It’s a beautiful school. I liked the environment but it’s great to be back at The Ohio State University and all our glory. 


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