TRAVEL | Recap of New Year’s Eve!

It’s almost three months into the 2015 year and I’m finally sharing my New Year’s adventure. Lucky ole me went to New Orleans for the Sugar Bowl! I didn’t have tickets but some of my friends did and we wanted to do something different and warm for our New Year bringing-in. What’s better than a place we’ve never been?

For one, New Orleans is beautiful and it’s just so lively. I would suggest no heels on Bourbon Street, I learned that the hard way on NYE. I did get beads for being a student at The Ohio State University (aka the National Champions). I had the time of my life with three of my best friends and it was pretty worth it. The first day, we explored and went back to change because we got there on December 31st. So that was an event all it’s self because we drove through the night, explored NOLA, and then went on for festivities. The second day was the day our team squared off and beat Alabama. I must say that was the best night. I had so much fun and Bourbon Street won that night, it truly did. I made friends and just had so much fun. I don’t think we got back to the hotel until four in the morning because we were just celebrating so much. Our last day, we explored NOLA. We made sure to try the little doughnuts that everyone goes crazy over and of course, we had to get a taste of the food. I tried jambalaya and I’m not the biggest fan but it was pretty filling.


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