Putting on my Big Girl Pants

I GOT MY FIRST APARTMENT!!! I’m so excited because I was thinking about this so much but wasn’t sure if I should go through with it. I’m going to be living with my best friend ( been together since we were eleven ) and it’s going to be a blast. We’re pinning away everything literally. We have a board together on pinterest. I figured I’d share the news because I’m just so excited about it and can’t wait to move in, in two months. I want ideas and easy DIY for the place. Any ideas??? Please share!

I saw this and thought it was the cutest thing ever. I definitely want to try it out and put something like this together. These would be so cute in our living room ( we have a brown couch ) but I’m not sure what color because it’s brown and I don’t want to overdo it with a burst of color. But I love the idea of bow pillows in either my room or the living room because they’re just so girly and can give it a feminine touch without being too much.

I think these glitter letters are precious!! We could do so many of these because our initials are B & S like Serena and Blair. We’ll probably even stick with the gold/bronze and pink if it came down to that because those look good together. We have the cutest fireplace where we could put these or we might look for a slanted book shelf and put them on top. Who knows? We still haven’t discussed it.

That’s all I have for now. I’m not positive I can make too many decisions without my roommate because that’s not fair to her. I’ll definitely accept all ideas and keep everyone updated though.


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