Bumpdate: 28 Weeks

As I’m entering my third trimester, a lot of me feels much more motivated to blog! Unfortunately, I did not do any bumpdates throughout the beginning of my pregnancy because I wanted to wait until…

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6 Things that I wish I knew about Pregnancy

Pregnancy is not a breeze – I don’t care what anyone tells you. There are the obvious things that you hear about like morning sickness and nausea. Plus, there is talk about not being able…

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First Trimester Bump Box Review

What is Bump Box? I would not have gotten through my first trimester without my Bump Box and all that came in it. And, I was lucky enough to have a wonderful mom who sent…

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Style Tips for Your Baby Bump

One of the many changes that you run into during pregnancy is clothing and maternity clothes. And if you’re like me, you refuse to give into the dressing the bump in extended sizes. I’m not…

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And, a baby makes three!

Either you’re here because of my recent Instagram post, you saw some promotion for this post, or you’re a loyal fan. I’ve been so MIA the last few months – three months because of life.…

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