Hello 21

Hi lovelies! I just finished finals this past week and I turned twenty-one! What a fab way to celebrate, right? I was so excited for my birthday but I had to work and study before…

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White House Easter Eggroll

Hi Lovelies! After a month of trying to get ready for finals, I have time to post! I still have finals… starting Friday but no class until then! Yay me! Anyways, I went to the…

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Just last month, I was pacing and worrying about how much I would have to take out for a student loan. I’m a junior and I’ve already accumulated an amount which I make a $50…

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The Invisible War

  I’m a firm supporter of the troops, men & women. I will always stand by their side but the fact that there are some soldiers that feel they can attack and mistreat women, who…

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