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TRAVEL | Recap of New Year’s Eve!

It’s almost three months into the 2015 year and I’m finally sharing my New Year’s adventure. Lucky ole me went to New Orleans for the Sugar Bowl! I didn’t have tickets but some of my…

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Happy New Year!

Well for one, Happy New Year! I have been MIA for the last few months and I blame my final year of college. I’m about to be done and I’m scared and excited. I’ve been…

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1989 Come Soon Please!

“I’m not wary of getting into another relationship, I’m just protective of my independence and freedom, more protective than I have ever been before. I always thought, ‘What could be better than to love someone…

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October Purchases 10.12.14

I finally invested in a Naked Palette! I ended up going with the Naked Palette 3 because it’s fall and I just feel like the colors, although aren’t as neutral as the Naked Palette 2,…

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