GRAD | Graduation Cap

 Three days ago, I graduated from The Ohio State University! I am now an Alumna and I don’t know what to do. It’s crazy. I have a job and I honestly enjoy it. My co-worker…

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COLLEGE | The Time Has Come

Everyone, the time has come! Graduation is in seven days and I am so ready. I take my last final tomorrow so I haven’t been done like the rest of the seniors which I would…

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COLLEGE | Graduation is Looming Upon Me

What are my biggest worries as graduation is approaching? My biggest worry has to be the job process. I’ve been offered about four jobs, I didn’t like any of those four.. full-time wise. The job…

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BEAUTY | Monday Glow: Mario Badescu

I felt really cute in my face mask – that’s a first! This is a product I’m clearly going to rave about for awhile. Only because I’ve been breaking out for the last few months…

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BEAUTY | March Favorites

Since we’re almost halfway through March, I had to share my new finds that have become my favorite. The Mario Badescu skincare has easily become prominent in my life. Having cystic acne for years, I…

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