6 Ways to Make Things Cozy for The Holidays

The most wonderful time of the year is here and it’s all about being cozy and warm over here. I love everything about the holiday season especially when it comes to being comfortable. It’s cold…

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Thankful & Grateful this Holiday Season

I feel like better late than never is perfect for this post about the things and people I’m thankful for. Sure, Thanksgiving was a week ago, but in my new mom/first-time mom world, it’s acceptable…

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My Pregnancy Skincare Routine

Pregnancy has not been the kindest to my skin or skincare routine. I mean, you can’t really use a lot the things that you were using before so your skin is going to shift. But,…

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Cannon’s Birth Story

I’m finally telling Cannon’s birth story and sharing my thoughts and feelings leading up to his entry into this world. Let me preface by saying that the “you’ll know when you’re in labor” saying is…

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5 Ways to Stay Comfortable During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a lot of things, and I would sum it up to be not comfortable. The body is changing, and things are happening that have never happened before. It’s a bit weird when you…

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