The Best Way to Combat Acne in an Emergency

Do you need a pimple or pimples to disappear overnight? I think we all do, to be honest. Especially when those pesky pests pop up before an event or something important. Pimples suck. Acne sucks.…

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Fast Fashion with Forever 21 and H&M

I love fast fashion, I truly do. Probably because fast fashion is cheap and budget friendly. That’s really what I love about fast fashion — plus, I live my life on a budget and I’m…

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5 Fun Ways to Celebrate Galentine’s Day

You know what’s better than a boyfriend? A group of girlfriends that hold you down. I love my girls. They are the epitome of a ride or die. Literally, they have my back through thick…

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20+ Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Special Person

It was literally just Christmas, I know but Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! Also, known as the time to get that special person in your life a gift. For me, it’s my boyfriend……

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My Devotion to Loving Myself

I got this crazy idea to write a love letter to myself to kick off February. My original idea was one of those letters to my younger self but I feel like a love letter…

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