Why You Shouldn’t Worry About Instagram’s Algorithm

The Instagram algorithm is annoying – I say this from the perspective of a social media manager and a blogger, more so a blogger. Also, I saw this for everyone because we all know it…

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My Thoughts on Eyelash Extensions

They’re gorgeous, right? And, a life-saver because you no longer need to apply falsies or mascara. They’re also a big thing, right now. Can you blame people for wanting to have an easier routine when…

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How To Build A Content Calendar

Look, it’s not easy to just know what to blog about. It’s not like our brains are always functioning with ideas and giving us all the details we want. I mean if your brain is…

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How I Got Started As A Social Media Manager

The idea that you can just jump into social media and make it a career isn’t necessarily true. In fact, I would say that it is not true. You can’t jump but you can take…

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IKEA HACK: Gold and White Marble DIY Coffee Table

Friends, I have a serious interior design addiction. I’m talking I want to redo the lighting, paint walls, redo the closet system, and so much more. I love decorating and it’s so nice to have…

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