Oh Christmas Tree

If you know me, you would know how obsessed with Christmas I have been lately or well, forever… I have been obsessed forever. I think it all started when I got my first job and didn’t have to do the $40 spending limit my siblings and I had done for Christmas when we were younger. And I had outgrown getting toys so this was the time to start being a giver and not an asker like I usually was. I still am, I asked my parents for another puppy and got a flat no. Clearly, my people want Rocko to be stuck as an only child. Rude. Back to my main point, I had freedom to buy gifts for people even though my mom is very good at buying Christmas gifts for one sibling to give to the other. Not only did it start when I started working but when I got my second place, I was super excited — my first place, Sam and I didn’t get a tree that year and I’m not sure why. We did have a wreath, though. 

Anyways, the idea of decorating my own place is what really gets me pumped up. I’ve been obsessed with interior design for the longest and my own place has become the outlet — I tried to redesign my parents’ house, they weren’t really having it. I have good designs so maybe one day they’ll get down with my ideas and listen. Anyways, I have my own walls and floors to decorate so I go all out. I would have lights wrapped around the railing to my balcony but the outdoor outlet doesn’t work and I’m pretty sure my landlord doesn’t want me to try to fix anything. I will update her on it because Brittnee and Emma didn’t break any fuses. 

As you scrolled, I’m sure you enjoyed my second-year post grad Christmas look. I will say if you are in school or living on a budget, deals can be your best friend. $30 tree from Target and it’s pretty sturdy. I should have splurged for a bigger one but sometimes you have to work with what you got and I got this tree. Ornaments in a bundle pack are pretty cheap and I’m really good at hunting down deals so Big Lots might be your best friend when it comes down to ornaments. Target does have great bundles, though. The tree skirt is from TJ Maxx — they have glitter wrapping paper priced fairly nice and glitter gift tags! The stockings are Samantha’s and I think she got them from Family Dollar or Big Lots. If you want to ask Samantha, let me know and we can ask her on IG or through a text if you don’t want to be involved in that process. My mom gave me all the beaded garland and I got the pine garland from WalMart. 

Please ignore the TV antenna that is just chilling to the side. I did not realize it was doing all that and being extra noticeable in the picture. I also wish I could stuff those cords behind the wall or use a cover up but I don’t even know the first thing about any of that stuff and I rent. One day, I’ll have tall ceilings and a giant tree but for now, my scrawny tree has to do. Plus my dog likes to eat ornaments so I’m working on trying to get him to understand that they are not balls to play with. I love Christmas and the season of giving. If you have any question about anything, send them my way. I remember where I got all the stuff.

Oh, I’m not done decorating. It pays off to have a mother and grandmother that decorate like crazy and pass off their decorations to you. 

Have you started decorating yet?


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