October Purchases 10.12.14

I finally invested in a Naked Palette! I ended up going with the Naked Palette 3 because it’s fall and I just feel like the colors, although aren’t as neutral as the Naked Palette 2, they scream Autumn and pretty so me. I’m actually pretty excited about this purchase, I love blending the different shimmers together and I just it’s perfect. I literally am so happy I gave into this. I also bought the Benefit They’re Real Mascara & Gel Liner. Both are miraculous. I’m in love and I get so many compliments. I had two people ask me if my eyelashes were fake so far, which they aren’t and that’s always a good compliment to me because it means they look long!

I also invested in It Cosmetics CC+ cream because it’s fall and my tan is fading and my face has recently broken out which I blame on stress and bad eating on my part. This cream provides full coverage though and I was told it’ll help with the dark spots. I’m hoping to see improvement within the next few weeks. I also invested in a Clarisonic! Well, my mother got it for me but still it’s amazing. Of course, I’m dealing with the acne that occurs when you first invest in something new and the product that comes with. I was told it brings everything up which is fine by me if it means that everything will go away in due time. I’m hoping for great results on everything I got. I’m in love with it all and I’m already thinking of my next purchase and how much it’s going to hurt my bank account lol. It’s all worth it in the end, at least in my Public Relations career and the area I want to work in.


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