November Round-Up

Wow, it’s really the last day of November. One, this year has flown by so fast – it feels like it’s been years since I’ve graduated though, weird right? I can’t believe it’s December and this is coming from someone who decorated for Christmas the first week of November. It just baffles me that time flies by so fast when we get older. I swear time took forever back when I was in elementary and middle school – I couldn’t wait for summer and it seemed like the 180 days of school took a lifetime to get through. Now, time flies. I just don’t know where time goes anymore but I cherish it more now that I am older and I’m the co-author of my story(the lead author, The Lord) so I follow in the path that is destined for me. 

This past month I’ve written on some good topics. I’ve explored my depth and my emotions, I’ve focused on my goals and I’ve reached some of my goals. It’s been a good month, a month of planning and time to spend with my family. I’ve enjoyed it all. I start my new job this morning and it’s going to be great. I’m at a company where my director continuously pumps us up and strives to be the best at what we do. I feel inspired going into an environment like that and I can’t wait to really put myself to the test and challenge the world with our ideas. November was a great month – I celebrated my dad’s birthday and my best friend’s birthday, my Ohio State Buckeyes had their ups & downs but still made me proud, I’m a happy girl and I hope you all are, too.

Six Things To Do In November, link

This post was simple and short, right to the point. My ideas of things to do in November which I completed half of this list so go me! I definitely took use of writing thankful notes and showing gratitude this month. I tried to start my Christmas shopping, I really did – I sent out an email to my family about what they wanted and no one really gave me any ideas of what they wanted. I did figure out what to get my dad and youngest sister but that’s only two out of possibly eight gifts. If you want to plan for next November, you should definitely pin so you can remember to look back on it. 

4 Things You Should Know Before Trying Accutance, link

Important post, very important for those that are considering the idea of taking this medication. Accutane, also known as Isotretinion is not a simple medication that one can focus on and off of. It’s a serious medication with blood test follow-ups and long term side effects. I’m lucky enough to have had a ten month trial but I did have side effects following my intakes. I will say that my skin was perfect from this medicine but I have had my breakouts since then, please don’t assume you’ll be 100% after you take this medicine. Look into the precautions if you are thinking about putting this in your body. 

2 Cheap Beauty Finds for Budget Lovers, link

These two products, technically three, are my favorite finds for this month. Affordable and doesn’t break my bank, there are things that make my days. I found these products and I love them. I was never a fan of Essie nail polish because I’ve bought cheaper product and it has lasted and looked better – behold my Marshalls $3 find, a find that last and didn’t look cheap. My face mask 

Embrace Vulnerability. Cry Your Eyes Outlink

I took note from another blogger about how vulnerability isn’t as bad as we make it seem. We aren’t weak for having feelings and emotions about things. We can cry whenever and wherever we want to. There is nothing wrong with crying and talking about your feelings. I’m finding out this discovery about myself. I keep my business to myself and my feelings in a bubble – this is not good like most people think, not for your mental state. As an adult, I’m focusing on myself and my feelings, I have to be open about what I want and think, I have to say what’s on my mind. I focused on this to give a word to someone that might just be exactly like me at this point in their life. 

Brunching With Ethyl & Tank, link

I’m a brunch fan. I love brunch and it’s probably my favorite thing to do with my friends. Columbus is also becoming a place I want to explore and I’m slowly getting out and about. Lucky me, my best friend from college was in town and we decided Mimosas were a need with a good conversation. I stepped out of my breakfast comfort zone and tried something new. I gave a rave review and suggest this to a person who is out and about in Columbus and wants breakfast. 

6 Tips to Help Your Resume Flourish, link

As a recent graduate, I had to find the right way to appeal to the jobs I was applying to. In Public Relations and Communications, it’s a field where creativity is important and showing you can be different is looked greatly upon. The details and style appeal to different companies in different ways. I touch base in the little things that spruce up your resume. These are things that I have put together to make my resume stand out and appeal to recruiters and hiring managers. Feel free to check it out and read up on what worked for me and what can work for others. 

3 Insightful Tips on Changing Your Major, link

There’s no shame in changing your major and doing things that you feel are your way. Don’t let anyone shame you away from what you want to do. I changed my major three times and I turned out all right, I promise. We’re eighteen or seventeen years old when we’re supposed to make the decision of what we need and want to do for the rest of our lives, it’s planning everything out but there are so many factors we forgot to implement into our lives. Things change, time changes, I promise it’s okay to rethink everything and try to figure out what is the best thing you want to do. 

Never Settle. New Job, link

The number one thing I will rave and rave about to people is to never settle, never ever. I think that is something important to think about in our lives with everything – never settle for the person who doesn’t drive us insane or give us butterflies, never settle for the job that is not going to provide growth, never settle for the people who don’t show you how great they think you are. Settling is not for extraordinary people. I also got a new job and it’s exciting – I never settled and look where I am. If anything, use me as someone to look to who strived for something and never gave up. We work so hard, we should never settle unless it’s where that work is paid off at. 

8 Tips to Get Your Ready for Your Finals, link

If you’re in undergraduate or graduate school, this is for you. Finals are right around the corner and I figure why not configure a post of the things I successfully did to get through the classes? I took ideas from my friends and myself, wrapped it together and came up with these eight helpful ways that I think would help someone succeed. The one thing I am all for is making sure that my peers succeed and use all their potential. Check this out if final exams are right around the corner for you and you want to figure out ways to calm down and get things in order. 

How was your November? A great month or one that could be better? I hope it was as great as you wanted it to be. It’s time for more Holidays and the planning and gifting is going to be fun. I hope December brings happiness and joy. Have a great Monday!


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