As I sit in my new apartment, I really can’t believe that I
am living by myself. I’m twenty-three and finally roommate-less. I really
thought I would enjoy this but in reality, the quiet might get to me. There’s
tons of Netflix nights to come when I get my internet installed and I’m
currently writing this with no wi-fi which means my update will be up
tomorrow(aka today because I’m writing this instead of going to bed).

The idea of living alone is fun. There’s no one to go to
about decisions on how I should decorate. Just me. I pick how I want it and
what I want. I get to decide if it’s chic and sophisticated or totally
college-y. Right now I’m stuck. I want to invest in a sectional couch but why
do that when I plan to move in a year and don’t want to pay too many moving
fees? It’s a hard decision. A leather futon is actually cute and chic with
sequin problems. See my dilemma? I want to be grown but I don’t want to break
my bank.

The area I live in is cute and definitely upcoming for
people my age. There’s things that channel young adults in this area like LA
Fitness which I might join because my gym is now a thirty minute commute and
that’s no fun especially on the ride back when I’m covered in sweat. There’s
also a Wine & Canvas right around the corner. No one understands how long
I’ve been looking for a place like this and I can’t wait to explore it even if
I have no friends to go. There’s also so many food places and I love it – I
would say I’m never going to cook again but I need to save my mula.

My place is little. It’s cute. I love it. I wish there was central A/C but the wall unit will do. It’s a starter. I can afford this and possibly a new car in the next few months. I’m budgeting and I’m enjoying it. This is growing up. I’m accepting that it’s not all gravy like I thought it would but it gets better. I’m good and I have a great support system. My family and close friends are all around and they love it. I love it. I can’t wait to show pictures and share my decorating. 


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