New beginnings, right?

In some weird way, I find that my broken Michael Kors watch is an end of an era/happening. Weird, really weird. I miss it actually. I love that watch and it’s perfection. I’m going to miss it because I’m pretty sure that it’s going to be hard to get it fixed especially since the warranty expired two weeks ago. The shelling of the band snapped and it’ll be hard to be put back together. I don’t know how they would fix it, honestly. I was devastated, I’m not going to lie. I didn’t know how I was going to tell my mom because she bought it for me as a gift and I cherish whatever anyone gives me. Just imagine an antsy B laying in bed and pondering how to tell her mother. Now, my mom isn’t obsessed with material things and cares more so about my life. I told her the next day because I can’t really keep anything from Eileen. So how is this the ending of an era? 

I got the watch when I considered myself as a child still – someone who relied on their parents for everything and needed to have that security blanket 24/7 to be okay. I engulfed still being a child and I didn’t want to grow up. This watch gave me an adult feeling, I won’t lie. It probably doesn’t make sense but I took this watch as my first professional article of clothing/accessory. I felt so powerful with a watch. I don’t know why but watches are my favorite thing and I just love admiring people’s watches and having that talking point. It’s weird, I know but whatever. 

This is the end of those years where I could be a child and not fear the consequences. It’s cheesy and weird but I’m going into 2016 with an adult job and adult responsibilities. I’m happy and adore all the people in my life at the moment. It’s weird how I could go from devastated to understanding that there’s room for new things to come in my life. Just because one thing ends doesn’t make it the ending to all things, ya know? It’s like I’m making room for everything new in some way. Change is inevitable. Change is constant. I realize I like change because it makes you uncomfortable for a moment. You’re breaking in to something new and learning how to experience something else. 

How did I make myself feel better in the end? I bought two watches at the Fossil Outlet store which is your best bet for a great watch at a great price. I know one watch doesn’t make up for the broken one nor does two but I never thought about the idea of changing watches and now I’m welcoming it. I’m accepting all the change that comes into my life. The distance that is between me and some people – I have to accept it and live with it, it’s not a forever thing and I honestly just have to suck it up for now. People change and I’m going to change, it’s just going to have to be accepted. We learn from change and we gain experience, at least I do. I feel somewhat shallow using watches as my version of change but it makes sense in my head. Plus, I got a flat-lay right for the first time!

In the end, I’m happy and I am suggesting everyone gets a pretty watch. I’m accepting change and learning how to accept myself as I grow. 

There is nothing permanent except change.



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