Need Housewarming Gift Ideas? Here are 21 Ideas

Housewarming gifts can make someone’s day

Over the past three months, I’ve been unpacking my life and getting things together in my new home. Obviously, my friends have inquired about seeing my place and I just want it to be perfect before anyone besides my family and boyfriend step inside and take a peek. One of my good friends, Ayse pointed out that a housewarming blog post should hit the blog because she was curious as to what to give people as a housewarming gift (and what she should get for whenever my boyfriend throws our delayed housewarming).

I’m not expert at gifts but I love giving them. I went to my best friend, Kelsea, and her boyfriend, Derek’s housewarming party and I brought gifts because I’m BB Homemaker in my head. I just love giving gifts, big or small. I mean, I’m about to get free food and drinks for an hour or two so why not gift my people with something, ya know?

I will say that wine is always a good go-to and a homemade dish — if you bring homemade food for me, I will adore you because I have a love/hate relationship with cooking but a girl has to eat.

This list I’m bringing to you contains things that are under $50. You’ll see some home decor, kitchenware, books, and etc. With this list, I thought of a budget and the fact that I don’t like when people spend tons of money on me.

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Take a peak and let me know what you think.

Where do my gift recommendations come from?

I’m always going to be the person that tries find something that is useful and will be adored. Cookbooks? If you love cooking or your friend loves it then this is the perfect gift. Hello, Chrissy Teigen’s cookbook has so many yummy recipes. I have tried a few and impressed myself. I have tons of cookbooks on my list right now but this is one that I have and love.

Kitchenware is always a good route to take. A person can never have too many mugs because if you drink coffee or tea every day, you’re going to need a cup for each day. You can find cheap pans and these will be very much appreciated — I can speak to this because I just bought new ones myself and would have loved receiving them as a gift. Containers and jars are cute and you can get away with giving someone something that will come in handy.

Sometimes, a crockpot can break the bank but this crockpot is less than $25 and people who don’t have a crockpot, do not know the true magic of these appliances. Cooking is so much easier and you can win the heart of your friend by gifting this. Or, a popcorn maker! There’s nothing like popcorn at the movies — microwave popcorn is cool but it just doesn’t beat making your own. Small appliances are great gifts to give to someone. You can bless their little hearts with small appliances that are on the cheaper side.

Home decor is fun. You should know someone’s decor likes and needs before jumping down this rabbit hole. Small things can go a long way like a plant holder to candles. You can get away with cute baskets and mirrors. These are things that people will love because they don’t have to go out and find it. As much as I love HomeGoods, At Home, and other home decor stores, I would love someone to save me a trip with a cute decor gift.

In the past, I’ve received a cute collage frame from Kelsea and wooden sign from my mom. My boyfriend bought me a set of Tupperware which is a blessing because my Tupperware lids are always missing.

Think of the necessities and things that will be used. You can’t go wrong with a trip to Ikea and stock up on some things that you think will be appreciated.

What did I get Kelsea and Derek? A cute basket filled with candles, wine, a cactus, a wine holder, and cute clothes. It seems like a lot but it was under $25 and they loved it. Just think of small things and go out of your way to just be a good friend. One thing makes a difference, don’t try to outdo yourself with this outrageous gift.

Just help them fill their home with some love and warmth. What are some housewarming gifts you have received or given?


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