Navy Floral Dress

Happy Saturday! I don’t know about you but this week has dragged on but it has gone by fast, too? Weird, I know. I hope it was a good week for you, though. This week was filled with work and trying to get things done at my place. Finally, I finished painting the main floor of my condo and I bought a dining room table so only small things are left on the main floor in my new home. Exciting, right? Anyways, this week is not going to be as chill as they usually are — Buckeye football is back so I’ll be tuning in and probably getting irritated with a few things. Also, I get to see the pretty faces of some of my good friends so I would say that’s a great weekend.

Let’s talk about this maxi dress.

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I love maxi dresses and I don’t pass up on the chance of finding a cute one that I can wear in a casual atmosphere and in a busy/dressy atmosphere. I found this navy blue dress and was obsessed with the print. Who doesn’t love florals? Especially when the florals don’t overtake the look. And, I found it for half the price more than likely — under $35, like that’s a deal! Does anyone else have a problem when it comes to pairing shoes with their maxis? I think gladiator sandals would have looked great with this. I’m wearing light beige booties that I have from UrbanOG (you know I always buy my shoes there!). The dress doesn’t hit the floor because of my height so I figured I would play it up with some heeled booties.

This dress is a great transitional piece into the fall. One, because it’s gorgeous and I love that the colors aren’t too busy or over the top. It’s the perfect piece for those mornings that are cold and afternoons that warm up, ya know? Typical Fall transitional weather. The navy blue definitely is a subtle color while the light pink and green make their way in but it’s not obnoxious. The cool thing about this dress is that it buttons so you have tons of buttons to button if you unbutton them all. Hint: just unbutton the top ones, that is what I did because I was not about to deal with twenty buttons. Also, there’s a slit but get this… it goes right up the front of the dress in the middle. I love it. It’s perfect if you want to kick your legs out from getting too hot.

You can find my look below. Have a great weekend!


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