Nate Berkus Solves All Problems

It’s Monday night and I just spilled all my dinner on the kitchen floor. What a way to end the day, right? I guess it’s a good thing this post is scheduled and will be up tomorrow morning which calls for a greater and better day. Why not end the day by writing and letting things that excite you out? If you have been following, you’d know that I’m utterly obsessed with my apartment and decorating it. I live two minutes from Target and I frequent there almost every day. There’s no holding me back from their home decor aisles and the lists I have made. These lists also come with asterisks that say **when you’re super financially safe and balanced which will more than likely be in a year when I have put all my hard work to the test and start my dream job. Of course, that dream job entitles me being happy and not worrying about anything. My job right now is the first stepping stone and it’s helpful with the connections I’ve made and the people I’ve helped – pretty sure I’ll still be helping when I check emails and see the little requests that I get. 

Addicted. I’m addicted to decorating. Interior Design would have been the best option for me to go into. In fact, I just got an email about a paid internship for Interior Design and I wish I could go for it. If only it was in Columbus and I hadn’t applied in March when I was on my job search. If I had received this internship back then, you can bet I would have moved out to Cleveland and said Adios to the place I’ve called home for thirteen years. Yes, I wish she would have contacted me sooner but it’s a blessing to be considered and I’m contemplating emailing her back with hope that they have a place close. Who knows? 

Anyways, I’ll live out my interior design dreams through my own place. I’m working on a room a month and sometimes, I constantly am finding stuff for a room that I’ve already worked on. Like my bedroom – I finally found a full-length mirror that matches my decor and I got this chic ottoman that I know will scare a few visitors… it reminds me of a cute polar bear and I hugged it throughout Target. Let’s talk Nate Berkus – this man knows he’s good. He knows I’m going to pout and frown as I stare at his work in awe. The gold accents on everything and the fact that it’ll all look great in my bedroom. He has me constantly daydreaming and picking out spots in my head as I look around at the different things. Let’s just say this girl got lucky and stumbled upon the clearance aisles like she does every week and found this trinket tray. I could gush all day at it’s perfection. The fact that I almost paid ten dollars for a smaller one on Amazon makes me happy I waited. 

I got this baby for $3!!! Yes, less than five. I felt like I was on top of the world because I went into Target with no intention of grabbing a cart because let’s be real, when you grab no cart it leads to finding goodies. I grabbed no cart at HomeGoods and found my beautiful mirror. It’s included in this post because it’s gorgeous and yes, I know it’s not Nate Berkus but admire the beauty. Also, I found out all the good Nate Berkus is online so thank goodness for pay day and expect haul for my office/desk. This trinket tray also comes with lid and it’s white and the prettiest design. I’m honestly in love and I don’t know what to do with myself. I’m falling more and more in love with my room. I love living alone, to be honest. It’s probably the decorating freedom and allowance of so many candles and scents. Try it out if you have the chance, it might be fun and exhilarating for ya!

Nate Berkus



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