My Uprising


Defeat. I don’t know why but I’ve felt so defeated lately. It’s like all this setbacks are happening and I’m letting them get in the way unfortunately. That’s my downfall – letting it get to me when I know I’m bigger than this. I frequently have to remind myself to breathe or it’s downhill from there. It just gets to me when these bad things happen and I don’t understand why. I freak out and it’s not good at all, I need control on that which I’m working on by talking to someone before it goes berzerk. 

Lucky for me, I have someone to actually talk to about this that understands. It’s nice. There’s no judgment and I feel like so much has been lifted off of me. I appreciate people like that. The ones that take time out of their day to ask me “how are you?” and are truly concerned about me when I make a little comment that leads to a bigger discussion. I just love having that outlet and for now, I’ve found it. Of course, I need to find a real outlet. I’ve actually been looking into knitting, painting, kickboxing – things that require concentration and work. Maybe I’ll start my long list of Pinterest crafts… who knows?


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