My Summer Essentials

Although, it’s halfway through my summer, I figured I would share what I loved most concerning my summer beauty and accessories. Now I’m such a girly girl and I literally model myself off of Audrey Hepburn and Taylor Swift because everything about them is so classy and perfect.

one ☆ Rompers. I am such a big fan of rompers and have four, so far. They’re all from Forever 21, which works with my budget because none of the four that I have were ever over $20 which I think is pretty good for clothes. I have two which I would wear to the beach or as a cover-up but there’s this one I have that is perfect for walking around on a lazy day or dressing up for a dinner. Rompers are just so fun and easy to wear because you don’t have to find a shirt to match or shorts to match, just shoes and accessories! They’re perfect for the summertime.

two  Mascara. Now that it is hot and humid here, I barely wear any make-up. I love make-up and experimenting with it but I hate having it melt off! That’s no fun and not something I go for. So in the summer, I stick to just mascara and Maybelline’s mascara is my favorite. I have two tubes, Rocket Volume and Volume Express. Both give me such long eyelashes and make my eyes pop. These definitely have to be my go to for all mascara and it’s drug store brand so I don’t mind spending the $7 (heck, sometimes it’s buy one and get the other 1/2!!! )

three  Sunnies. Well, they’re sunglasses but I love the word sunnies. How cute is it??? Anyways, sunglasses are a priority in the summer!! Especially with how bright the sun is and whatnot (don’t forget the sunscreen peeps!). I have the cutest pair of Betsey Johnson Sunnies and they resemble Raybans which I’m in love with. I have such an extensive sunglasses collection, it has taken over my car.

four Shorts. I’m a fan of shorts and just how they can vary in shape and design. I’m obsessed with linen and shorts that aren’t too tight. I like to move around and not have to worry about suffocating lol. I’ve actually seen some amazing trendy at Target this year. They’re so summery and cute. I have to make a trip back to get them. But shorts are a definite!

five Bows. I love bows! Who doesn’t love bows? I make my own bows for my hair and I just love wearing them when my hair is up or down. I blame Ariana Grande for my bow obsession. She’s so cute and classy with her bows. I have a variation of bows and they’re so easy to make, I promise! I know Macbarbie has a tutorial on youtube because that’s where I learned. Check it out if you don’t want to spend three to ten bucks on those bows! Plus Wal-mart has the $0.97 strips of fabric that’ll work perfectly.

six  Nail polish. What is summer without bright and joyful nails?? Boring, that’s what it is! I have such a nail polish collection, it’s a wonder that I can fit it all in it’s drawer. I’m a fan of bright and bold colors and I usually find a good price for nail polish at CVS. Drugstore nail polish has to be my favorite. I want Essie so bad but I can’t bring myself to pay eight to ten bucks for it when there’s nail polish for two dollars right next to it! Anyways, definitely nail polish as an essential.

seven  Vacation. Everyone needs a vacation! Especially after the long school year or constant work year. Summer is the perfect season to hit the beach and enjoy the sun. I know I will be doing so in three weeks. I haven’t been to the beach in like five years so I’m ecstatic. Take my advice people and go on vacation. Take an adventure and have fun, enjoy life!


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