My Eyelash Secrets. You’re Welcome.

Let’s be honest, long and flow eyelashes are whimsical and alluring. I mean if you don’t feel that way, that’s fine but to me, long eyelashes make me look older and more awake. When we watch movies and television shows, people have full and vivid eyelashes going on. I admire those eyelashes. I feel like I have to have mascara on in order to look alive. Or at least, I used to think that. I’m a mascara hoarder, no surprise. I don’t throw them away after six months like websites suggest — first of all, no way am I throwing away a bottle that still has mascara in it. Sue me. I have yet to have anything negative happen to my eyelashes. They’re actually bomb af if I do say so myself.

But that’s my secret. You see…

I have eyelash extensions as crazy as that sounds. I sit down every three weeks and let Kayla put individual lashes on my eyelashes that make them entirely too long but noticeable to everyone. The crazy thing about eyelash extensions is that they look real. I own up to it as soon as someone asks if I have falsies on. I hit them with a quick “No, just extensions.. no glue on my eyelid.” I’m real about it.

What’s so great about my eyelash extensions? Uhm, everything! One, I no longer have to apply coats of mascara to my top eyelashes and have to scrub my eyes to remove it at night. I don’t have to wear any mascara unless I want to put it on the bottom row of lashes which are all me. You can wear mascara with these babies but you’d have to put it towards the ends and not toward the base — that might yank them out. The perk of these extensions is the fact that they are connected to your eyelashes so they grow with your eyelashes.

Do I feel like my own personal barbie doll? Yes. Better yet, I feel like Beyonce. Call me Princess B (just kidding, I tell everyone to call my Queen B…) Now, these aren’t for everyone and I know that. I wouldn’t recommend them to someone who can’t lay down for an hour and just sit with your eyes close — heck I fall asleep as Kayla sews these babies on. Also if you rub your eyes TONS then just say no. It’s not worth it because they’ll fall out quicker and you’re shelling out the mula for these pretties.

Are there cons? Well, yeah. I can’t get them wet for 48 hours after they’re installed which makes it hard to shower. I could take a bath sure but I feel like that takes up more of my time when I don’t plan for a bath… not that I have anything exciting going on so maybe I should enjoy my baths more often. Sometimes they get itchy and you want to yank them out but if you yank them out then you yank your own eyelash out — see how much of a negative impact that holds? Other than that, I really can’t complain because I got them and I love them.

Now a little short bit about mascara. I love it, I truly do. It made me look my age rather than a child for years. Those five pictured above were the best ones that I used. The Too Faced ‘Better Than Sex’ is definitely my favorite because of its brush. Benefit’s ‘Their Real’ was great for awhile, I definitely preferred Too Faced and the Maybelline brands over it. The best Maybelline Mascara to me? Volum’ Express Mega Brush. 

My Ranking of My Favorites

1. Too Faced Better Than Sex

2. Maybelline Mega Brush Volum’ Express

3. Maybelline Falsies

4. Maybelline Pumped Up! Colossal Volum’ Expres

5. Benefit They’re Real

Eyelash extensions are a big thing: hella big names are rocking them like Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Brittany Renner (bundlesofbrittany for those that don’t know) and Draya. Definitely do your research if you are interested in them and reach out to people that you know with them (me!!). 

What’s your beauty splurge when it comes to your eyelashes? What mascara is your go-to?



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