STYLE | Monday Vibes ☼

Decide every morning that you are in a good mood.

Good Morning! Positive vibes all around to the start of this week. I have to remind myself this as I prepare to go into work. Now don’t get me wrong. I enjoy my job and I enjoy the agents I work for. I just have a tendency to hate waking up. I literally could sleep all day. That’s my issue. I’m obsessed with sleep and that’s not healthy. That’s what I have to make a goal or promise to myself to have a more productive morning. I have to be more productive and accepting of mornings. I could say I’m a Night Owl but that would be a lie. I stay up late with my Netflix addiction. I wake up at 8:30 AM though and fight to go back to sleep. It’s crazy which is why I have to make a solution to be more productive.

Let’s discuss this outfit though. I currently have discovered the Discount Fashion Warehouse which has brands such as Express, Victoria’s Secret, Asos, and Lane Bryant. Now these are pretty big brands in the fashion world – not haute couture but I wouldn’t be wearing haute couture to work. My good friend Kelsea seems to always find secret places and share them with me and this was one of them. We wandered in for my first visit and she went straight to work while I wondered around the swimsuits. I left with empty hands and she left with a big bag. So I had to go back and I brought my mom because hello, first big girl job and I needed her help. 

This dress was the find. It is Victoria’s Secret and it’s perfect for work. It’s an appropriate length and a neutral color with stand out design. I love trying it on and spinning in it. Of course, an outfit isn’t complete without accessories which are from Charlotte Russe and Origami Owl. Plus my favorite Taylor by Taylor Swift perfume. 

Notice the Success you’ve got this in the corner? Perfect words to get through this Monday, that is for sure. Off to work I go and I know it’ll be great because that’s how I’m going into this place. 

Have a good day and enjoy have a fresh new twenty-four hours to do something great!


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