BEAUTY | Monday Glow: Mario Badescu

I felt really cute in my face mask – that’s a first!

This is a product I’m clearly going to rave about for awhile. Only because I’ve been breaking out for the last few months and honestly, I’ve felt hideous because of it. It’s not your normal pimple that goes away in days and doesn’t scar, it’s cystic so there’s a nodule that will stay for months. It’s annoying and at twenty-two, I don’t want to be dealing with acne so I’ve tried everything. Accutane worked for about two years, I would do it again if I had the option. Antibiotics would have worked if I had stayed on task, that is my own fault. They made me sick though and it was to the point where I just didn’t want to move anymore and couldn’t eat without a throbbing pain in my stomach.

After that, it was all over the counter investments that I took part in. I finally googled how to get rid of Cystic acne and that’s where Mario Badescu comes in. The masks are currently doing wonders for me. I just took one off and had to share. I have two nodules right now and a lot of hyperpigmentation which I know will fade in a few months. I was prescribed Tretinion and I’m hoping that lends a hand in healing them face. The mask I have on here is the Healing & Soothing, possibly the best mask ever. My skin feels so moisturized after I use it, I absolutely love it. It’s honestly a relief to find something that works especially because I have sensitive skin and I might be biracial/tan but they stick out with how red and big they get. It’s an insecurity I know, something I need to get over but it’s never been this bad and I would have rather dealt with this in high school rather than exiting college and trying to get a job. 

disclaimer: I’ve gone out of my way to research & find out what works best with my skin. In no way has Mario Badescu’s team contacted me in any way to talk about this products – this is all on my own.


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