Gift Ideas for Your Parents

The parental unit, mom, and dad — the people that have done it all for us, we can never really make up for it. We can try, though. I know I try when I get the chance to make up for those eighteen years of having to deal with me. I’m a big deal when it comes to gift giving. I like to spoil and make my people’s days. My parents are the people that I go beyond and over for because I can so it always takes me a moment to think and figure out what to get them. My parents are the complete opposite, my mom will give us ideas of the things she wants while my dad never wants anything — it can be tiresome. 

With just nineteen days away, it’s time to get on it with the shopping. It’s going to be hectic and you’re going to hate yourself if you wait and have to deal with Christmas crowds. It’s the most wonderful time of the year and you better get excited and ready to celebrate with your loved ones. 

Most of these gifts are perfect for parents in any age group. There are items that my parents would appreciate and friends that I have who would appreciate these things as they deal with their own families. Most of these gift ideas are in the homeware and are useful within everyday life. We’re talking necessities for parents with rambunctious children and parents that need simple things that will enhance their lives and parents of all kinds. 

Let’s talk these gifts and let me know what you think. 

Smart TV

The best thing ever. I will not lead you in the wrong direction because I have one. Once you buy a smart TV, you have Netflix and Hulu right at your hands. I would go for this if you don’t want to invest in a FireStick. There are multiple apps that you can put on your TV and it’s a great gift for someone’s home. My parents got one last year and my mom is obsessed. I think it’s a great idea if someone is trying to upgrade or they want to bring in a new TV and move their current one to a different room. Plus who doesn’t enjoy an awesome TV?

Apple Watch & iPhone Charging Station

My mom actually gave me this idea — she has both the Apple Watch and iPhone so she has to charge them with two different chargers and put plugs into different outlets. With this baby, she can set them both up at this station and not have to worry about all the cords and tangles. It’s definitely a great idea for an organized person that lives things a certain way. 


A Keurig is one of the best inventions ever. Not only do you have coffee in an instant but you can have different flavors of coffee, teas, and hot chocolates. It doesn’t help that it comes in different colors and can match the decor of someone’s choosing. I think this gift works great for the parent on the go. There are different models of the Keurig, too so they aren’t all expensive.  

Sound Bar

The best thing to go with that smart TV, obviously. I don’t have a soundbar but my boyfriend does and I will say it makes a difference. My parents need this in their living room. I’m not just saying that so I can listen and use their Bluetooth when I want to jam out to Beyonce. I really think this is a good gift for the parents that like hosting and keeping people entertained. 


A dream gift — if you know a cook or baker then you have to know this is a necessity to make their life easier and to make those meals just a tad bit better. KitchenAids are a blessing. If you know a parent that likes to cook up meals for after-school treats or bake goods for friends then check this baby out. I will say they are on the more expensive side and you’ll have to watch them for a sale. Just remember, eighteen or so years of dealing with you lets you know that they deserve this great gift. 


Do you know those people that like to capture every moment? If you do then you should consider a GoPro for those people. Not only is this for the family that likes to capture everything but this is for the parents that want to take trips after all those years or need some time away to capture their adventures. Gift them with a camera that can do it all and can endure everything that they have to deal with. Underwater, in the sky, on the ground — it can do it all and it’s not too heavy to carry around. 

UGG Slippers

Last but not least, these are an ideal gift for the parents that you know need to kick back and relax for a moment. Nordstrom rack is your best friend when it comes to these slippers. They’re soft and worth every penny, I’ve had mine for years and they are surviving the long haul. Most people I know that have UGG slippers are in love, share the love with your parents and let their feet relax. If you want to get one thing on this list, get the slippers. Straight up, slippers and happy feet make the world go round.

Can you believe how quick Christmas is coming? How is your shopping going? I’m still working on my dad but I have everyone else’s gift. ‘Tis the season to celebrate, enjoy your love ones!


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