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I’m a Marketing Assistant, in case you were wondering. I don’t go too into detail about my job but it’s an 24 hour, seven days a week type of job. It’s the start of my career and a good start at that. It allows everything that I want to do and I’m learning day in and day out as I try to do the right things for my agents. What do I want to do in the future? Work at a Public Relations firm and handle the publicity of my clients – heck, I might even start my own business if I want. It’s all dream right now, I don’t know if I’m going left or right when I get to that fork in the road but I’ll figure it out in due time.

Anyways, I was lucky enough to come across this Marketing Assistant job at the financial firm that I’m currently at. I work for agents that process and help people find ways to finance their homes. It’s actually interesting to learn about because that’s something I’m going to have to look into one day. I’m definitely learning, I can tell you that. There’s never a day when I’m not learning. 

One, it’s not easy. I have six agents that I have to keep up with. They all have different agendas and plans – I am teaching them about marketing and branding for themselves because they haven’t had to do that. It’s actually fun. I explore social media for ideas and I look into what other agents do for ideas. It’s actually intriguing to look into what works and what doesn’t. I will say an average day includes researching articles for the realtors that we reach out to, checking their websites and social media handles, and administrative duties. Those are usually what I do on my Mondays. Those are the days when I want to get everything big out of the way and all done so I can work on other tasks like creating flyers and graphics. The other days I have fun researching ideas that would work for my agents – branding them in the right direction and targeting their audiences. This industry is take and give, you have to take the time to really look into things before you can go about the process. I never want to push my agents in the wrong direction and I don’t want to offend anyone either. If I’m not doing marketing tasks, there’s administrative tasks like filing and mail things to put together. There’s never a time when I’m not busy when I’m at the office. 

Everyone I work with is wonderful – they’re all nice to me on the days that I’m in and they speak to me. I know it’s awkward, at least for me, when there’s someone new so I always try to smile and say hi when I see someone. I enjoy the company of the people in my office. Now all my jobs have been pretty welcoming but this one by far, has been the most welcoming and I don’t know if it’s because we’re all adults but everyone’s just out to say hi and do their business. 

My job gives me the ability to be creative and do things my way – what more can I ask for honestly? I am starting off and this is the perfect route. There’s a mixture of PR, branding, and other marketing antics. I think my favorite part is the creative ability for graphics. There are no rules when I make the flyers and graphics, none at all besides placing the licensing on the images. How awesome is that? I love it. I love the free-range. It’s a dream come true especially after college. My first big girl job that allows me to do what I want. 


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