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Two months ago, I was afraid to live by myself. I was dreading it. There was nothing I wanted more than a roommate and someone to be there if I heard a creak in the night, reassuring that it was the other person I lived with. I tried and tried to find a roommate, failing as different girls fell through or I didn’t mesh as well as I thought with a person. It was a failure. I felt like I would cry each and every day as I tried to manage my finances and how to afford living by myself. I’m paid fairly well but utilities were something I never understood because they could range from anywhere – everyone is different and their usage is all different. I did it though, I just survived my first month in my apartment, living alone and not afraid of anything.

It’s liberating living on my own. I don’t have to check in with roommates like a child – I can come and go as I please without telling anyone what I’m doing. I don’t have to worry about what I cook and eat, there’s no one in this house with allergies. I have freedom and it’s great. I think it’s teaching me more and more about myself as well. I’m learning that I don’t need people to have a good time or to rely on. Not saying that I don’t need friends but I can go to the mall by myself and I can do so much different stuff and not have to worry about the nagging.

I think it’s an adventure to live by yourself. Everyone should try it, what’s it going to hurt? You learn so much more about yourself. I’m figuring out that I can put things together without having to call my dad and I’m fixing my own issues without consulting people. I think the best thing about waking up each and every morning is that I do it on my own, I don’t have someone being inconsiderate and loud or slamming doors. It’s nice to be able to have this peace and enjoy it. I’m at peace with myself and I’m at peace with the world. 

It’s quiet, there’s no denying it. It’s so quiet but I enjoy that quietness. I enjoy the fact that I can think to myself and enjoy my thoughts, there’s nothing intruding them. The best thing about living alone – no pants. I promise you that’s the best thing ever. Pants were a requirement with roommates because who knew when someone was coming over? If guest were just going to pop in and out so no one ca come over here unannounced. 

This year is going to be different – I’m going to grow and learn so much about myself, so much more than I already know. I feel like everyone should take this change. Experience life on your own for a year. You still see your friends, it’s not hard to make plans or to go out and do things with people. There’s just no one to come home to and judge you when your pants come off as soon as you close the front door. Judgement free zone (:


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