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Where did the month go? Where did 2016 go? This year has flown by, literally. I feel like it was just May and now, it’s about to be Christmas. Crazy…


November has come to an end and I feel like it’s a month to talk about being grateful. Although things didn’t go as planned at the beginning of the month with the election, I do have something to be thankful for — my education, my career, my life and my people. I think there are times where we feel dejected and that is definitely what I felt like this month until I thought about how I can help people. With my education, I’m blessed enough to always look for ways to keep learning and understanding. I worked hard and received my degree a year ago and I continue to learn. I refuse to let anyone knock my education because I worked for it. 

Secondly, my career. I’m doing really well in the position that I am and I’m proud to say that. I’m grateful that I stopped comparing myself to others and that I am in the position that I am in. I can’t complain about my life, it’s pretty good. Not that I’m bragging but I’ve found that complaining gets me nowhere and I don’t want to complain when there are dire situations out there. Life throws you curveballs all the time and it’s all about how you swing at it — watching the ball, timing up the pitch, all that fun stuff. I’m grateful for the people in my life whether I tell them or not. I’m lucky enough to have people that keep it real with me and it takes a moment to not get offended because people used to try to baby things down for me. It’s real out here and I appreciate it. I get it. I’m grateful. Thank you, November. You were good to me.

How are you changing the world?

I wish I was doing more. I wish I was hands on and out there. I want to help kids and make sure they know that they can do anything they set their mind to and those bumps in the road can be overcome. Right now, I’m donating but actively looking for places to volunteer at. I did six hours of service back in October and I need to keep the momentum. Not that I’m looking to volunteer just because it looks good or something like that — I truly want to help people. I want to do more than just donate. Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.

Goal Planning

It’s never too early to plan for goals and why should I wait until January? I’m definitely putting together a pillar of things that I need to consider before deciding what my goals for 2017 are. It’s hard to really focus on a goal when it’s just thrown together. I need a legit plan and that’s what I’m looking into. I don’t want January to pop up on me and I decide right then and there so I definitely am working on my goals now rather than later. I want to optimize and do so much more with my blog. I’m just getting started. My domain will be a year old in February/March. I have so much to plan for and do. This shouldn’t even be named goal planning anymore, just planning (: Keep an eye out, I’m hoping to do giveaways and so much more in 2017 so there are some of my plans!

Too Many Tabs Open

Have you seen that image where it says ‘my brain has too many tabs open’? That has been me lately. I’ve been all over the place and feeling frazzled at times. Coming home to my bed has been the best part of my week, at times. No offense to anyone but there’s only so much you can do before I want to part and reunite with my pillow. I’m always on overdrive and that’s where I need to slow down. I think too much, analyze too much. I’m always doing the most basically. Going into December, I’m definitely going to work on relaxation and just sitting back and not freaking out about minor things. I’m going to close some tabs and you should too (also, this might be a perfect blog post!)

Positive Affirmation

This one is so hard because of the world we live in — I can own up to being someone that overanalyzes and assumes when it comes to situations. I can say that that has not led me down the best path. I’m emotional and lately, I’ve been calming myself down about it. Positive words and things have really been my thing lately. Sometimes, a girl just feels insecure and she need’s reassurance before she snaps. I need that reassurance from myself more than anything, though. I’m definitely starting off my day with positive thoughts and really being optimistic about everything. I don’t want my worries to consume me. Speaking great things into existence, always. 

Well, that’s November. I could ramble and rant but I choose to just talk about the major points. The minor things can be incorporated into a future post. Happy Tuesday, Giving Tuesday!

What’s going on in your world? 


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