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I’ve never had issues with many things. Never. But that toxic living situation I just moved out of? That’s my issue. All my issues came about from that town house. It’s fun and ideal. It’s great until the complex loses your checks all the time and the maintenance doesn’t fix the issue you ask them to fix three times. It’s annoying. It’s almost like why am I paying community fees – which by the way, the clubhouse was closed for four months and we couldn’t use it – why am I putting myself through this? I don’t know why. It angers me and I think that’s what we have to realize as we grow older and we realize that life isn’t easy. It’s tough. People are going to hurt you and abuse you. You have to stop looking at mom and dad for all the answers and figure them out for yourself. It’s all these feelings where everything seems to be toppling over and you can’t stop it in time. I’m quick to anger when it comes to my character and how I’m presented. It’s a flaw. I understand that we have to stop and think before we react. I do that. A lot.

I don’t attack – I never attack, I gather my thoughts and words. I try to understand the issue and not let the anger ever get the best of me because that’s when I lose. That’s what I did today, I gathered all my thoughts.

How do I solve this issue? One, my mother called me at 1:30 AM to tell me that a letter from collections was sent on behalf of the complex. I was furious especially since I had been sleeping, it was great sleep. I had my dad scan it and send it over to me. What were these charges and why? As I
 read of the statement, it flustered me with anger. These were lies. Lies affecting my wellbeing and my credit. The entire time spent at this complex was filled with miscommunication and stress – a leasing office that didn’t care for the wellbeing but more so the money. 

I prayed after my mom called me. Prayed for patiences and answers. Told myself not to worry because then it would affect my prayer. It’s easy to be angry. It’s easy to lash out. I slept on it then informed my best friend and former roommate. It doesn’t click for either of us but there’s going to be a solution. We both know we aren’t at fault and care about how it’ll affect each other. The one thing I did do is file a complaint. I learned recently on an interview where they were searching for a Marketing Specialist for a complex that they take these serious. It affects business and most of the time, it solves the issue or issues at hand. I’m hoping it’s resolved in a good manner – one where they adjust what they’ve done and fix what it could affect on the future. 

Always listen to reviews for complexes. I kid you not, they are what’s going to help you realize if you should live there. It doesn’t matter if everyone has lived there and I know everyone’s experience is different. Explore the options though, never settle!


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