Life Happenings in October

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Half of twenty-four is here.

I’m almost at the age where a quarter-life crisis is acceptable. Twenty-four has flown by and I’m constantly reminded that I am old. I can’t believe I’ve been alive this long because I feel so young, no lie. I’m still a child at heart and I think many people are like “giiiiirl, you’re an adult”, okay and your point is? That sounds sassy but it truly isn’t. I just feel like my age shouldn’t define if I can do certain things. I like to have fun and watch kid movies while mixing my popcorn with M&Ms. Just chill out on me and let me grow up when I feel like it. I had a friend try to tell me to be an adult and the fun for them came with alcohol — I don’t need alcohol to have fun and that’s no shade to anyone, I can crack myself up at any time of the day. I guess twenty-four is all about throwing out the negative and bad while laughing with the ones that truly matter. 

My people are  still here. 

As the year goes on and I look back, I’ve been reflecting on who has actually been there for me. I’m 24.5 and still trying to figure out this people thing. I’m incredibly thankful for my family and I’m lucky enough to be super close to my family. I remember my old hair stylist being so surprised that I got along so well with my parents — um, I was a terror in junior high school and high school so there’s that, I have come a long, long way. My best friend, Samantha and I had a five or so month pause on our friendship and I would say we’re better than ever. We’ve grown and accepted each other’s flaws and that’s what really matters. I know when I walk down the aisle, she’s going to be my maid of honor and encourage all my bridezilla ways. 

Not only that but I’ve reconnected with my high school friends and I’m going to be a bridesmaid for my childhood best friend. These are the people that I don’t want to let go. We don’t see each other every day but I can talk and talk to them about any and everything because that’s how our friendship is set up. I’ve made some new friendships and I appreciate those people. I will admit that I let some people stir me away at first but I have to make my own friends and my own people — I can’t depend on other friends or relationships to give me friends, I have to do it on my own so I always have those friendships. Isn’t it crazy that we think our lifetime friends will be made in college but in reality, the friends from high school are the friends I still keep in touch with. We make time and I appreciate them. Shout to you — Jasmine, Julia, and Brianna, I love y’all. 

Scary Stuff

It’s the Halloween season and there’s quite a bit of scary stuff happening. One, scary movies and their commercials that I have to mute because Brittnee does not have time to look over her shoulder all day. Not only that but these clown sightings are not funny and I am not a fan of them popping up. This is serious stuff and I do not like it. I watch too much Criminal Minds and cop shows to be down with of this nonsense. Let’s be pumpkins and hand out candy, not murderous characters with no intention of handing out candy. Stop scaring Brittnee 2016. 

Rocko Happenings

He went to his first day of doggy daycare and it went fab!!!! One, we got kicked out of puppy training two weeks ago before it even started because he barked at the other dogs. I was highly upset the trainer didn’t know how to handle this as she was a trainer. I think his breed-type came into play, as well. All I know is she tried to con me into private lessons and I had to decline because I want him to socialize with other dogs, not humans. Two, yesterday was his first day of doggy daycare and he made a friend. Theo is his new friend and he loves him — Rocko thought Theo was going to come home with us and I disappointed him. He pouted and sighed the whole way home but he did sleep the rest of the night. He’s a great puppy, loves people and I’m glad because there’s a stereotype on Pits and they couldn’t be more wrong. 

Community Participation

This past month, I took park in the Women’s Fund of Central Ohio’s Grant Reading. It was inspirational and eye-opening. I had known a tad bit of facts before participating but this definitely was the icing on the cake for all the things I care about. Women and girls. There were so many statistics dropped on us and it’s just a good feeling to know there’s a group out there dedicated to cutting out gender roles and norms. I was part of social change and it felt good. I’m dedicated to female equality and the education systems. I’m going to do my part. 

Stop saying “I’m busy”.

I’m breaking my habit of saying the oh so vague statement, “I’m busy”. Why? Well, one it really doesn’t go anywhere. I have had conversations where people share that they’re good or great but they’re busy and I’m just like where do we go from here? If I’m feeling that way then someone else must feel that way when I say that statement. If I’m going to have a conversation, I need to hit someone with an “I’m great, currently working on content” or “I’m good, I just started this new project and I think it’s going to be fun.” These are driving conversation pieces and I want to drive the conversation, I want to have the good small talk, not the awkward small talk. This habit will be broken, I promise. 

Keep the faith.

If it’s one thing I’ve been consistent with, it’s praying and keeping my relationship with God as the number one priority. I’ve called on him in many months, we have conversations and I talk through things that I would shy away from with friends. I know some people aren’t religious or don’t care but it’s crazy what works in God’s plan. If you don’t agree, that’s on you. I’m going to keep believing and keep talking because that’s why I’m still here.

As October is winding down, I’m perking up because the holiday season is just kicking off. I’ll be on a flight to Boston in the morning and I’m excited to go back to the city where I was born. With the holidays, I can’t wait to be with my family and celebrate the people I adore the most. Fall is here and sweater weather is part of my life. I can’t wait to see what November brings and to plan for 2017. 

What’s going on in your world? 


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