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The last time I went to see One Direction there was five guys, not four. It was different but still just as loud. My younger sister spent hours cleaning her room so my mom would buy her tickets and she asked me to be the “adult”. It was fun. I enjoyed myself and they were just so European and cute. I think the heartbreaking thought is that they are taking this break and breaks are never good – if you’re taking a break, there’s room for changes and life can throw anything at a person. They deserve that break though. Working nonstop since 2010 when they were put together, they deserve the time with their family, friends, and solo endeavors. I just hope they learn about themselves even more a long the way. 

For as long as I can remember, One Direction has sparked the child in me and they have given me happiness. I don’t know what it is but I want the best for these boys even if I don’t know them. I feel somewhat connected to a group of people and it gives me a bond with my youngest sister. So what if I’m twenty-three, right? My friends laugh but I enjoy myself. That’s all that matters right? Cute British & Irish boys with accents that are so charming and goofy. That’s What Makes You Beautiful will forever be my jam.

It was honestly a good concert and such a beautiful set up. They put thought into the design and concept. Their team is really good at what they do and the boys entertain the audience with their antics. It’s a win-win for laughing and singing along. I’ve been to a lot of concerts so this is one of the top ones. Taylor Swift is probably number one but only because I haven’t seen Beyonce in concert yet.


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